Who Is Pastor Emmanuel Iren and How Did He Start Up His Ministry?

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Although very young, Pastor Emmanuel Iren is the founder and  Lead Pastor of the Celebration Church and a gospel music record label, outburst music group.

Over the years he has influenced a lot of young people, both in Nigeria and Abroad.

Pastor Emmanuel aims to help young people discover their God's given purpose and walk boldly in it.

He started full-time ministry in 2012 after he graduated from Covenant University with his ministry bearing 'Life Triumphal Ministry' before it was changed to Celebration Church International.

At the very young age of 22, his influence as a coach, mentor, and spiritual leader over young people had grown.

And it has become stronger because after 8 years we can see huge expansions, as he now oversees 5 branches, four in Nigeria (Lagos, Ibadan, Portharcourt, Abuja) and a branch in Canada, with approximately 5000 thousand members under his watch as a spiritual father.  


Emmanuel Iren Was Born On The 18th Of December 1989


PIE, as he is fondly called, hasn't disclosed a lot about his family but from the little findings, it has been gathered that He was born on the 18th of December, 1989, and raised in Lagos Nigeria.

Being born with a silver spoon, his wealthy parents sent him to the best and choicest schools, where he obtained his basic and Tertiary educations.

His educational journey started with him attending Saint Bernadette's Nursery and primary school, then He moved to Queens Choice nursery and primary school where he completed his primary education.

When it was time to go into college he attended the world-class Doregos Academy where he sat For and gained his O' level certificate.

Moving forward to Tertiary education, He has a first degree in Building Technology, from the well-known Covenant University,  one of the biggest private universities in Nigeria. He has also had a master's degree in Business Administration, from the renowned University of Lagos.

Good education is the bedrock of any society, organization, or group, no wonder the man of God has done well for himself as he manages adequately his business and ministry, both recording applaudable successes, in a very short time.


Pastor Emmanuel Iren Started Ministry In 2008 As An Undergraduate

The journey to becoming a household name in the body of Christ especially among young people began in 2008, while he was still an undergraduate in university.

Although still in school, it didn't stop him as he began to minister to people, and while still on the campus he began the Triumphal Youth Fellowship. This fellowship grew beyond the campus and became a ministry on its own.

On the 11th of  November 2012, the Triumphal Church was opened in Lagos, and in 2014, it was renamed the Celebration Church International.

His courage and boldness in his quest to achieve the Unity of the Faith among Christians and correct wrong doctrines is very commendable and has earned him a face in the charismatic movement.

Getting the Ynaija award as 1 of the 100 people with the most impact in the body of Christ in April 2020 has also helped him gain more recognition, among Christian folks and communities who never knew him.


Pastor Iren Released His First Music Album In 2017

It may seem as though his ministerial assignment is not just to be a teacher of the word as he also has a ministry in music.

In 2017, he released his first album which was followed by many other gospel musical pieces to his name, and even being featured in  
Music by Odunayo Adeboye titled ZOE. 

Indeed he has had a successful ministry journey for the past 8 years, although he started young, he has taken giant strides in God and God has helped him greatly.

For a 30-year-old leading a church with 5 branches including one abroad, and managing his success well, and still being able to raise an army of men that would change the narrative, correct doctrines, preach sound messages, heal the sick and still be a husband and father…... Age indeed is just a number, starting rightly and following God's will and purpose is key to success.


Pastor Emmanuel Iren Got Married To Laju Iren in 2014

No doubt Pastor Emmanuel got married to a woman of prayer, you can see it from his success in ministry, more so, he made a post that generated a lot of questions, and controversy about his wife looking sexy and appealing to him when she prays.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren got married to Pastor Laju Iren at the age of 24, in the year 2014.

Laju Iren is a Christian, a filmmaker, a content writer, an author, a leader of the ‘have you eaten NGO’, and the wife of the lead pastor of celebration church international.

Laju Iren also loves to mentor and coach ladies and change people's lives with her stories.

Pastor Emmanuel and Laju Iren's marriage has been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Nadia and Ruby-Grace.

They have had a peaceful marriage for 6 years despite his age. According to him, the success of his marriage can be accounted for by the readiness spiritually, financially, etc, in fact, all-around maturity, and the flexibility of himself and his wife.


My final words to you are, you are neither too young nor old to follow through with God's vision for your life.

The message of the cross must be carried to the ends of the earth and God needs strong and agile youths to take up this assignment.

Fulfilling God's divine purpose is our role as believers, and it's better we do our part now that It is still a day for the night comes when no man can work.

Pastor Iren mentioned in an interview how all his careers and education gain expression in ministry, in the same way, let your giftings and career gain expression in ministry.

You mustn't be on the pulpit to preach God's love. Get busy, let's herald Jesus NOW!!!!

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