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Who is lifting you? In our world today, lots of people are rising and succeeding at a very early age. It is a great thing to realize that young people can attain heights so early when the generations before us had to labour so hard to get to those heights, only to arrive when they are much older.

However, the meteoric rise of some young people doesn't go without some questions too. In recent times, there has been a serious clampdown on young men and women involved in all kinds of fraudulent activities at home and abroad. It's sad. 

As I pondered on the scriptures recently, my heart settled on the temptation of Jesus and the conversations that went on between Jesus and Satan as Jesus was about to wrap up his marathon fast. 


If you bow down and worship me, he said. I will give you all this. (Matthew 4:9, NIRV) 


In one of the conversations, the scripture records how Satan took Jesus to a very high mountain. The Bible particularly says an exceedingly high mountain. Something tells me that the mountain has to be taller than Mount Everest because no mountain exists in the world where a man stands and sees all the kingdoms of the world.

Anyway, Satan showed Jesus the glory, power, wealth and prestige that all the nations command. He would gladly give it to him if Jesus choose to bow to him, hmm. Jesus, understanding the power of worship, declines the offer. Here's the basis of my argument. Can you actually believe that Satan was the one who took Jesus to this high mountain? It suddenly dawned on me that Satan can lift men too just as God can lift men. If Satan succeeded in lifting Jesus to that great height, do you think he cannot lift any other man that will be willing to do his bidding? Hmmm, don't be quick to celebrate the success of certain people who are doing great things. 


David rightly wrote this; Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity? (Psalm 37:1, KJV).

Not every greatness has its root in God. (Read that again!) It is only the blessings of God that makes rich without adding any kind of sorrow whatsoever. When the devil lifts a man (Through whatever means), it comes at a cost. Satan wants to become your Lord. He wants to be the one you worship and he wants to be the one who owns you. He wants to disconnect you from God and your fellowship with Him. You can't serve Satan and serve the Lord. You can't dine with the enemies of your soul and expect the Lord to prepare a table before you in their presence, No! 


Let God lift you to heights only He can. At the right time, when Jesus had endured all the temptations, endured the shame, torment and humiliation at the hands of evil men, he ascended to the throne on high. Today, Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, FAR ABOVE principalities and powers (and even Satan himself) and all the authorities that be. Ironically but rightly, all the authority and power Satan so readily boasted about during the temptation is now in the hands of Jesus. 


Jesus boldly declared after the resurrection that "all power in heaven and the earth have been given unto me." 


I say again, LET GOD LIFT YOU. Don't bow to the whims and caprices of the enemy. Don't be lured. Keep your eyes on God. He has good plans for your lifting.


PS: This post does not in any way insinuate nor encourage that you despise anyone who is succeeding. It's a charge to you (the reader) to desire the true success that God gives (with no strings attached).

by Adeola Gbalajobi Published



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