What have you declared over your life?

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Two days ago, I stepped out to receive some fresh air, and as I sat down, I heard Joy, my neighbour's daughter, about 4-5 years of age in a serious discussion with her friend who happened to be her age mate as well.

Joy: Esther, let's play a game and this is how we are going to do it, you pray for me and I pray for you.

I wanted to pass by, but couldn't because this game caught my attention, so I got a seat and observed.

Joy's friend replied, 'Alright, let's start.'

Joy: Your future is going to be bright!
Esther: Amen

So, they switched turns and Esther said, 'You will manifest in God's grace.' Even though I tried to understand the prayer point, I silently said, 'Amen.'

I was just so excited as I listened to these kids pray for each other.

Joy: You will not be stranded in Jesus' name 
Esther: Amen.

I tried to imagine what God must have been doing as he listened to their prayers (I'm sure He was happy too).

Then this question just came to mind, 'What kind of words have you spoken over your own life?'

What have you declared into your life?

Do you not know that where the word of the king is there is POWER?

Do you not know that you are either justified or condemned by your words?

As little as these children are, they have playfully declared positive words into their lives.

What have you declared over your life?

by Abimbola Oladayo Published



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