Top 10 Best Seasoned Faith-Based, Christian Movies and Series You Need To Watch

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In this digital age, it's easy to overlook the profound influence that the media we consume has on our lives. Much like the food we eat, the content we feed our brains shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and even our identity. 

One cannot help but notice that faith-based series and Christian movies are few and far between in mainstream television. While personal content preferences may vary, Christians often face the dilemma of finding suitable entertainment options for the entire family.

Despite the scarcity of faith-based content, there are still exceptional Christian movies and series available for those seeking quality entertainment. I have compiled a list of Christian movies and series you can watch: 

Christian Series You Can Watch. 

1. God's Not Dead series 

The American drama series is based on the book of the same name written by Rice Broocks. These thought-provoking films tackle the challenges of faith in a secular world. They encourage Christians to explore and defend their beliefs while navigating intellectual and spiritual debates.

The First Part –
God's Not Dead

This is about a college student named Josh Wheaton who refuses to sign a document denying the existence of God. His philosophy professor challenges him to a debate to prove the existence of God to pass the course. Josh prepares for the debate with the help of his church's leader. 

Throughout the debates, Josh presents historical and scientific evidence, while the professor argues against it. In a surprising twist, at the end of the debates, the students stand up and affirm that God is not dead, indicating a change in their beliefs.

The Second Part—
He's Truly Alive

Follows a high school student named Brooke who questions the existence of an afterlife. Inspired by her history teacher, Grace, who shares her faith, Brooke starts reading the Bible. 

When a classroom discussion on Jesus' parallels with historical figures is recorded and misconstrued, Grace faces disciplinary action and a trial. As the trial unfolds, Brooke decides to stand as a witness, defending her teacher and her own newfound faith.

The Third Part—
A Light in the Darkness

This is about Reverend David Hill, who is released from incarceration after refusing to release his evangelical materials. 

Controversy arises as the school board votes to close St. James Church and convert it into a secular school extension. Rev. Dave and Rev. Jude Mbaye try to change their minds but decide to sue the college when unsuccessful. 

A student named Adam accidentally starts a fire at the church, causing damage and the death of Rev. Jude. Rev. David seeks guidance on whether to pursue charges against Adam or show forgiveness. Throughout the story, he also questions the future of the church and his ecclesiastical responsibilities.

There is the 4th and Fifth part you can always check them out. 

2. Abejoye Series 

The Nigerian Television drama series was produced by Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Flaming Sword Ministries International. The series focuses on Olayiotan Abejoye, an influential kingmaker and Traditionalist who visits his son Bamidele and his family in the US. 

However, he brings traditional items that clash with his daughter-in-law Laide's Christian beliefs. Eventually, he is converted to Christianity by the family pastor. Meanwhile, Bamidele has an affair with a church member named Dedun, which causes issues. 

The series focuses on traditional African customs clashing with Christianity, and faith overcoming spiritual challenges.

3. The Chosen Series 

A groundbreaking series that depicts the life of Jesus and his disciples, offering a fresh and relatable perspective on biblical events. It has gained widespread acclaim for its authenticity and character development.

4. Abattoir Series

The series narrates the tale of Martins, a youthful educator who appears to be trapped in a cycle of his troubled history. Martins, whose father was a ruthless cultist who had caused the tragic loss of his mother, carries the burden of distressing memories from the past. 

This series depicts the life of a Christian who struggles with hate, fear, unforgiveness, and clashes of one's faith with demonic warlords. 

Christian Movies You Can Watch. 

1. Passion of Christ 

This film provides a highly realistic portrayal of Jesus's final hours on Earth, making it a challenging watch due to its unflinching depiction of his brutal crucifixion. Parental discretion is advised for younger viewers considering the content of this movie.

2. War Room 

War Room is a powerful drama that combines humor and heart to explore the impact of prayer on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and all areas of life. 

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan seemingly have a perfect life with great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. However, beneath the surface, their marriage is falling apart, with Tony succumbing to temptation and Elizabeth growing bitter.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her client, Miss Clara, who challenges her to create a "war room" and develop a prayer battle plan for her family. As Elizabeth fights for her family, Tony's hidden struggles come to light. 

Now, he must decide whether to make amends and embrace Miss Clara's wisdom that victories require intentional effort.

3. Fireproof 

This heartfelt film explores the importance of marital commitment and demonstrates the power of faith in restoring relationships. 

In this captivating tale, Kirk Cameron takes on the role of a courageous fire captain who holds dedication and selflessness in high regard. 

However, while he prioritizes service to others, his most significant partnership, his marriage, is on the verge of collapse. Driven by a deep longing for transformation, this gripping narrative explores his journey to save his marriage and rebuild his life by embracing the redemptive strength of faith. 

As he immerses himself in the fireman's code, "Never Leave Your Partner," he discovers the power of loyalty and commitment in both his professional and personal life.

4. Train 

"The Train" depicts Abayomi's (Mike Bamiloye) journey from a young age, facing the death of his mother and being placed under the care of a family friend. He discovers Jesus and develops a passion for filmmaking. 

Despite challenges, he pursues Christian drama, defying skepticism. Mount Zion Film Productions, led by Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, revolutionizes Christian drama in Nigeria. 

Abayomi's story inspires perseverance in the face of adversity, reminding us that God has a plan for us, even in tough times.

5. Miracle from Heaven 

Inspired by a true story, this heartwarming film follows a young girl with a rare medical condition and her family's journey of faith, hope, and miracles. 

6. Courageous

In a world where their calling is to serve and protect, four men find themselves facing a different kind of challenge: fatherhood. As dedicated law enforcement officers, they display confidence and unwavering focus as they confront the dangers of the streets.

However, when tragedy strikes within their own homes, these men are confronted with a task for which they feel unprepared: being fathers. In the aftermath, they grapple with their hopes, fears, faith, and the responsibilities of fatherhood.

What are your thoughts on these Top 10  Christian movies and series, has this been helpful? If you have watched any of the listed movies, I would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback on them in the comment section. 

Each of these films has the potential to leave a lasting impact, and I'm eager to know your thoughts. Please take a moment to reply and share your favorite Christian movies or series. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

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