Tips On Breaking Free From Addiction as a Christian

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Are you a Christian who is addicted to one thing or another? Do you have Christian friends who need to overcome a particular habit? If yes, then this post on breaking free from addiction as a Christian will be helping you.

Addiction is not something that is mentioned among unbelievers only, some believers also face this situation and sometimes it can be very embarrassing for them to speak out because of the fear of being judged, knowing fully well that a lot of moral expectations have been placed on them as a result of their faith.

If you are in this situation, just take a deep breath and reassure yourself that God has not left you hopeless, you were not born with that habit and even if you were born with it, God has provided a way to escape.


Who suffers from Addictions?

No one is immune to being addicted to one thing or another, anyone can suffer from one addiction or the other at different points in their lives.

Some people struggle with Alcohol Addictions, Masturbation, Drugs, Sex, Food, Gossiping etc, the list goes on and on.

Just to establish that different people have different struggles, as long as the effect is bad and you cannot stop or be decent with it, sorry to burst your bubbles, you have a growing addiction. Watch it!.


Tips To Help You Break Free From Addiction


For Christians, I want to say it is easier to break free from this bondage because we have the advantage of God on our side. Here are tips that should help you


Pray about it 

Listening, to Pastor Joyce Meyer on breaking free from Addiction, She advises that addicts be consistent with asking God for victory if after you have prayed and you still indulge do not let Satan play the accusation game with you, go back to God, continue at His feet praying for Mercy and Deliverance from this bondage until you are free.


Ask help from fellow believers

Enjoin true believers you are not judgemental to pray with you, it's okay to be vulnerable with such people as they won't judge you but they will genuinely seek that you are made free.

So let believers of like minds pray earnestly with and for you that addiction be broken and you can also be accountable to such people because they'd keep asking you to know your progress, and on your part be truthful about your progress so that the right step in the right direction can be taken to help you out.


Stay With The Word Of God

In the temptation of Jesus, he showed us how to deal with temptations when we are faced with any. Jesus did not bother trying to use the natural human wisdom, he used the 'Word of God' to resist the devil.

In the same light, when you are faced with a temptation of indulging, speak the word of God to the situation, keep speaking it until you see the changes you want to see.

The word of God is infallible, this is why you have to keep feeding on it even when you are not faced with any situation because in the time of need it is not the word in the book that will save you, it's the word that you know, the word that you have read from the book and kept in my mind.


Keep the right Friends

it is also important that you know the circle of Friends you keep as evil communication corrupts good manners if you are trying to quit a particular addictive habit it would help you to connect with people who can help make the process easier do not remain with those who are in a similar situation as you are but are not willing to make a change in lifestyle, as they can frustrate your efforts.


Seek Psychological Help

It is also important to seek help from a psychologist or someone who has overcome the same struggles as you to help you walk the path to freedom.

A lot of things go through the mind before they are acted out, a psychologist will be your guide through the journey to breaking free from the bondage of Addictions.

They would help you avoid a relapse by giving you all the necessary support you need to keep you steady on this journey.

Your psychologist or counsellor takes up the role of a partner and consistently encourages you to find yourself and motivate yourself to remain clean and calm through the process.


Get a hobby

Getting a hobby at this time of breaking free would also help as it enables you to channel your energy into something more worthwhile and it would also take your mind away from the struggles.

A quick example is someone who is neck-deep into masturbation, I would advise you to get a hobby like spending more time fellowshipping with believers, seeing that it edifies your mind and reduces the number of times you stay alone.

It is also advisable that you do not stay alone more often, as being alone and in secrecy, temptations are stronger & thrive better and may be able to overcome you.


Why You Need To Break Free From Addictions

I believe you are aware of the emphasis both people in the medical field and in the body of Christ place on breaking free from addiction, well this is because addictions put your health in harm's way and may also affect your walk with Christ.

The effect of addiction can be divided into:


It Effects You Physically  

I want to cite an example with the Hollywood celebrity Will smith's son Jaden Smith, when he acted in Karate Kid he looked so handsome, but his current look is so scary because of hard drugs.

Generally, long time drug users look rough and unkempt and you do not want to get to that point when people would think you are mad or sick at first sight. If your physical looks can be this bad, imagine what your organs look like


It Affects You Socially

Most addicts are usually on their own, I mean they draw away from others and find it hard to relate with other individuals around, this person involved is gradually becoming socially distant and alone.

At times legal problems may occur when the drug user's judgement is impaired or the drug causes the individual to take more risks to the extent of causing public disorder or violence, or breaking the law to get the substance in the first place.


It Affects You Mentally

Addictions are in stages and it grows and eats deep before you can imagine.

It's like an infection that itches you keep itching and it eats deep into your skin leaving a big scar. 

Your mental health is like your skin here when you get addicted to a particular thing you to the point where you could feel so mentally sick and unstable if you do not indulge in the act, and for some addictive substance e.g hard drugs if it is in excess those that indulge in it lose their mind.

More so for other addictions like masturbation, pornography, you find out that most people who indulge in this find it hard to concentrate because they are either lost in their thoughts fantasizing about their sexual desires, or even leaving a very important meeting to indulge themselves.


Your Financial Life Also Gets Affected

For addictions that are funded with money with no doubt, you wouldn't know when you spend a fortune on them. You see people you indulge in using hard drugs losing properties just to get a wrap or two, people becoming servants so that they can get to sniff from the crumbs on the table, and you know after that you possibly will doze off right?

At times those that indulge in sniffing drugs can't put themselves together to get decent jobs, and even when they do it doesn't go down well at the end of the day, they're either sacked for inconsistency or some other attitude that is not acceptable by their employer.


Spiritual Effects 

When believers engage in addictive behaviours most of which are contrary to the conduct expected of a Christian, it does not speak well of their faith and shows a lack of self-control and this is not what God wants for you.

God has fully equipped the believer and no type of addiction has more power over a believer than the power to overcome that God has endowed his children with.

When you spend time indulging in activities that put your finances, health and life as a whole at risk, how do you create time to pray, study the Word and fellowship with the brethren?


Finally Thoughts!!!

Mind you, these behaviours are wrong, Yes! But they are not enough reasons for you to wrong away from the body of Christ, rather it's a time to seek help from those Spiritual authorities over you.

Your attitude does not stop God from loving you, it stops you from benefiting from his love, God is not chasing you away so while working towards breaking free from addiction as a believer, keep in mind that your father still loves you and wants you yo be a better person who is free from any kind of bondage.

Don't get so worked up when you can't see the immediate effects of all your efforts, becoming free from addiction Is not something that happens overnight. Keep putting in those efforts even when you can't see the change, before you know it you will have a testimony to tell.


Here is an article on who you are as a believer, it will also be of help to you.


by Peace Micheal Published



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