The Toolbox of a 21st Century Writer

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Using apps like; Grammarly, the notes app, voice memos etc

MS Word

MS Word is traditional but absolutely necessary for any word-processing legend. It is readily available from Microsoft and can be used in most if not all devices to handle every fundamental writing task. It now incorporates plugins to increase functionality and is made for the common user with unspecialized needs.

WPS Office

This is an incredible holistic application to use in any formal and casual occasion on a smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. It has a professional user interface and performs a vast majority of writing procedures. It prepares, converts translate and edits files within extensions of Docx, ppt, Xls, epub, txt, HTML, jpg and even pdf. Refurbished with a file library, scanner, template catalogue, fonts, and a file-sharing option, it has a system that integrates all cloud file database services from other providers to ease project coordination.


Grammarly is the Holy Grail for writers! It is the spelling and grammar police that prompts one to review their diction. Unlike the default autocorrect feature, Grammarly is such an upgrade because it highlights typos with underlined indications. It goes extra by correcting the mistakes with detailed explanations on the "reasoning" behind its invalidation, and ultimately gives alternative vocabularies and stronger phrases to make your composition as sleek as possible. It is also customizable in tone, formality, style, emotion, and audience to convey your message at its best. The free version is good enough to afford a luxurious experience but the premium one unlocks additional analytical features including plagiarism reports, fully automating the duties of a Chief-editor in any literature enterprise. 

Pure Writer.

This story might be familiar. You have toiled composing a piece for hours on end; your mind is so full of inspiration that you can't afford any distractions. Abruptly you face a black screen; yes, a flat battery, all your diligent labour going up in smoke. Worry no more, Pure Writer auto-saves your work on instant updates with a cloud backup to retrieve anytime. It instantaneously bootstraps, unlike conventional writing apps. It also has a minimalistic interface to help you focus on writing and a live word count to help you remain intentional as you construct. Your work could be vaulted securely through fingerprint verification in case you want to. So, if you enjoy writing in Dark mode themes and dislike distractions, this one was made for you!

Natural Reader.

In editing, your ears could hear what your eyes couldn't see. Ever written and believed it's a job well done, only for you to hand it over to someone else to read out loud then all hell breaks loose? That's when you catch the awkward phrasing and typos in the prose. This is where Natural Reader comes in. It is a web text-to-speech reader that articulates more like a virtual person. Copy/paste your writing into the text box, pick a choice voice and reading momentum, play, and listen. It has all relatable audio options (pause, rewind, fast-forward), to ease your proofreading comprehension.


Canva is a blessing that every graphic designer needs to exploit. For the author generating an elegant design of the book cover or a gallery of prints to adorn their chapters, the possibilities in Canva are totally limitless. With a wee bit of creativity, you can develop masterworks in posters, brochures, pamphlets, online adverts, etcetera. Canva is what adds the glitter to your writing Gold.


I love this one. It basically places written organization on a whole new level. Evernote includes a categorical filing system. What's more, you can collaboratively work on a project with your partners by sharing notes and even chatting with them in-app. How cool! All that is for free in the basic plan. It has a web extension to allow for research and citations. It also possesses a dictation option to transcribe speech-to-text, a worthy attribute especially when you are up against deadlines.  

Universal Copy

Ever printed your writing and then needed to later transfer the printed work back on a writing app? Universal Copy makes this possible. This tool is furnished with an effective and efficient Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to help you copy anything on your device's screen and then paste it wherever you need it, even while offline! It also has a drop-down option on the notification bar and scans all the wordings instantly for transfer.

So, there you go. These tools should be in every serious writer's toolbox for 2021. Thank me later


by  Tolulope Olagunju Published



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