The Importance of Friendship in Personal Growth

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If you want to know if friends can play a role in personal growth, the simple answer is 'yes', and if you want to know the importance of friendship in personal growth, keep reading.

Friends are an important part of our lives. From infancy we have learned the fun in playing together,  we learned the art of relating with another human being, sharing and showing compassion, basically we have developed many areas of our lives by having friends present in our lives. 

A lot of us can relate to the fact that when we share plans, ideas, challenges with our friends, contributions, solutions, are often offered.


I believe that we can agree that tasks shared with our friends are not as overwhelming as doing them alone, this is because a journey with a companion sure makes the burden bearable.

What is Friendship?


A friend is a person we have affection for, friends go beyond acquaintances, being in our neighborhood does not make people our friends. 

Real friends usually share the same values, world view, but not necessarily the same preferences.  

The term 'Real friends' is used because friendship has been so reduced to commonplace, people call strangers friends, and cannot tell the difference between a friend and an acquaintance.

Our friends usually share in our Joy, our success, and our sadness if we let them. 

Friendship is a choice, it has to do with people deciding to love a person, spend time with them, be there when they need you.

Friendship involves a lot of sacrifices, we have to admit that we have done things we did not feel like, to make our friends happy.

There is a saying that we know our friends in time of need and I agree, friends are recognized, and are introduced by circumstances, it does not start as a contract.

The Concept of Personal Growth


Personal development refers to the development of necessary skills that enables a person to gather strength and stamina in the areas of life he or she chooses; socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, or in all areas mentioned. 

Personal growth usually requires reflection into previous personal progress, to measure development. 

In personal development you do not use the yardstick of another person's growth to measure yours, that is why it is called personal.

Personal growth is basically about adjusting your habits to enable you to become more productive.

By doing so, you offer more value, therefore become more valuable. 

To successfully grow you need the desire to improve, else all the motivation in the world will not do much. 

Sometimes the approach you need is a change of your mindset, it is usually our minds that keeps us down, when you expose your mind to a new set of facts you find yourself going in that direction.

You never really know what you are capable of until you stretch yourself, you can do more, you can be more, you can get better at what you do best, but you will never know until you try.

In personal growth, your speed of progress should not be measured by that of another person.

Else it loses its purpose and becomes a competition, personal growth is accessed by a series of analyses of your growth over time, it is not a one-time thing.


Neither is there a single formula for personal growth, setting realistic and achievable goals and achieving them within a time frame can help. 

I can achieve in five months what you did in two months and not be called slow because it is my growth and my progress.

Friendship and Personal Growth


As we grow older our family tends to be less present with us, we all grow up and move on with our lives, have our friends, and become family away from home.

As we get older, sometimes from our teenage years, some of the support we need can be gotten from friends.

As adults, our families expect us to take responsibility for our lives, live out what we have learned, while our friends stick with us through the process.

Numerous studies show that having friends and valuable people helps to boost our self-confidence, we don't feel so alone in the world.

This explains why we feel sad and depressed when we lose or are in conflict with our friends. 

Beyond feeling hurt and missing them, we know that we have lost the support of another human being.

Also, seeing your friends make positive life-changing decisions can serve as an encouragement for you to do the same.

As we grow older we start to lose friends, sometimes we just fall out of communication, and then we begin to make new friends as we progress in life.

Over the years, the things we consider before accepting someone as a friend can change, as our perspective towards life changes.

The importance of friends in our personal growth does not mean that any friend can help us in our personal growth.

When our friends are not carefully selected, they can even prevent us from making much progress. 

However, don't be in a hurry to call someone a friend, create time to know that person better, because the kind of friends you keep can either make or mar you.

As life-threatening as the dangers of making bad friends are, the importance of friendship cannot be overemphasized, so I will be sharing a few tips below on how to make friends.


•Friends are made in activity groups/social gatherings;

When you create time to go out to do the things you love, it creates an opportunity for you to meet a potential friend.


•Be courageous enough to make the first move;

Don't always be afraid of saying the first 'hello'. If you want to be friends with someone, be bold enough to take the first step


•Be in regular communication with them;

Call them, text back, listen to what they have to say, find out if they are struggling with something, the strength of friendship takes root in times of need.


This is when you use wisdom to decide if this person belongs in your life, if you can both be beneficial to each other's lives, if not let them go.


Personal growth is usually aimed at a level of satisfaction and fulfillment in life. 

Life is in phases and the fact that we all have our paths in life, does not mean we have to go through life alone, our friends help us go through life and when we forget, they remind us why we began in the first place.


by Edidiong Patrick Published



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