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“Just throw him into this well in the wilderness, but don't hurt him.” 
He (Reuben) said this planning to save Him (Joseph) from them (the obviously jealous brothers) and send him back to his Father. Genesis 37:22 (GNT)

I saw this part of the scripture differently as it was used during a Tuesday Bible Study. It relates so well to reality. Reuben fitted into the structure of Joseph's Divine Helper who lasted only for a while, then was no more. He simply had a definite duty of averting Joseph's death at that time. Despite the fact that he had intentions of doing more than that for Joseph (returning him to the father)

Verses 29 and 30 of Genesis 37, painted a picture of Reuben's absence at the scene where the transaction of Joseph with 20 pieces of silver took place. 

Sometimes, when we lose connection with our "self-design" destiny helper (a person we have structure to be our helper) we become totally hopeless. Note that at this time Joseph just had a dream, he didn't even know the path that would be used for the actualization of this dream. So with all going on in his world then, he would have been really confused and hopeless with respect to the vision he had! He probably checked around only to discover his supposed oasis (Reuben) in his desert (other brothers) was missing. At least to save him from the slavery incident.

Some occurances have made me see life as a movie where different unplanned scenes pop up, both to your favour and against you. Sometimes, throwing you into the world of suspense.

In this movie of life, some actors who you see as very crucial for your entire movie are just meant to only feature in one (or few) scene of your movie. This obviously might be to your disappointment, but even when watching a movie sometimes, it begins to look as though the movie loses its flavour because some very unpredictable negative event greeted the previously spiced-up scene or episode of that movie. It puts you off emotionally as a viewer.

Probably your preferred character whom you are beginning to love his/her personality is about to be eliminated, then a sudden positive change occurs at that point when you feel like "this is it!" or "I can't take this anymore!" or "this is the endpoint." This positive change creates a "Light appearing at the darkest part of the tunnel" feel, usually bringing the movie back on track for you.

Well, this cycle repeats itself more than once or twice for VERY INTERESTING MOVIES, thus vigorously playing with the emotions of the viewer.

Money Heist! As a person, I know how many times I got scared, disappointed, afraid of, happy with, and heartbroken with respect to the survival of the team in that Heist. But guess what? THE SCRIPTWRITER OF THE MOVIE CAN NEVER BE SHOCKED because he was the one who wrote the storyline. No matter the situation surrounding a character, it doesn't take the Scriptwritter by surprise. It was all planned out by him!

Yes, JESUS is that scriptwriter! He sees the end from the beginning. He is aware of that dark tunnel. He allows in his WISDOM what he could prevent in his POWER for important reasons, like in the case of Joseph's slavery. Oh an interesting movie it was!
He says in the scriptures that His thoughts towards you are of good and not of evil to give you an expected end. He is a perfect Scriptwritter! And trust me, e get some part of this script wey no go sweet your belle at all.

For a natural man, deviation from this script when it begins to look unrealistic and unpalatable is very feasible, because His script (will) is not a strict one, it's not by force but it's the best way to an EXPECTED END. 

For Him to Just be your Scriptwritter is not enough but making Him your MOVIE DIRECTOR would be Perfect. Very important! He is ready to lead you through even that rough part and terrible scenes. He will be there to guide you. 

Please if He is not yet your director, say this prayer with all your heart:

Lord Jesus, this script is too rough for me to act on my own.
Please come into my life and direct me.
I accept you as my Lord, Director and Personal Saviour. Thank you, Jesus.

Hallelujah! If you just said that prayer, you have someone to run to when the scenes of life get tough and difficult.

Now see:
For you that has already made him your Director. Please allow him to truly direct you. Choose to act your scenes well and TRUST HIM LIKE A BABY. Trust me, the second part of this statement is one of the most difficult actions to carry out because we try to be realistic most time. However, his dealings in recent times have proven that his care and ways supersede the definition and scope of realism.

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