The Beast in Every Man

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Every man has a beast in him, which is as a result of the fall. It is the product of the old man (satan). It is the identity of satan which he placed on man in his fallen state. So, don't be surprised when you see that display but thank God for salvation. Man in this state needed help and that is where Jesus our saviour stepped into the matter.

At salvation the expectation from man is total surrender but some times we hold back to certain things which hinder our access to all of salvation's benefits. Some times this 'holding back'could be intentional or based on FOUNDATION. We hold back anger, lies, stealing, fornication, adultery, lust, etc. These things begin to show up after we have proclaimed our identity in Christ. This is were ENCOUNTER comes in. 

Encounter can also be referred to as peniel. A place where we Internationally and forcefully break free from the stronghold of these things. None of these negativity escapes encounter, if you do it intentionally. The Bible says in that time, when you become weary, the yoke shall be broken (Genesis 27:40). You must show that you are weary, only then you can experience true deliverance from these forces holding you back. 

Especially in these times where we hear about how men abuse their wives or wives abuse their husbands. 
I want to encourage every man. Before you go into marriage, make sure you go for encounter. So, that you don't become a tool in the hand of the devil to destroy the daughters of zion. Curse is the man who becomes a tool in the hands of the devil to hinder God's purpose in the live of His child. Jesus was a Lion to the devil and a Lamb to the church. Learn from Him. A word is enough for the wise. 

by Prince Anosike Published



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