Should a DNA Test be Considered in a Christian Home?

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Has the question of a paternity test in a Christian home ever come to your mind? Do you think it should be a thing to consider in a home where both parents are Christians? No doubt, these questions are controversial, but the aim of this post is not to create controversy but to help readers gain some insights.


If you follow through with trends and happenings especially for my Nigeria audience, you would agree with me that a lot is going on in social media that has to do with a child whose DNA doesn't match with the supposed father.

It is quite disheartening, that one day a man begins to doubt a child's genetic connection to him, obviously a child whom he has raised for some time. When the medical result comes out to prove the man's suspicion that the said child does not belong to him, It's a huge one for every member of the family; The mother, the father, other siblings, and most importantly the supposed child.

As Believers, what should be our take on the matter of paternity? Should a paternity Test be done in a Christian home? I would be putting out mine here and would love to know what you think about the topic, in the comment section, so do not hesitate to leave a word or two on this.

Let us begin by answering the question

What is a paternity test?

paternity test is a test carried out in a medical lab to ascertain who the true biological parent ( father in this case) of a child is, especially in a situation where the paternity of the said child is questioned.

For accuracy of results, the test is carried out with blood samples from potential Fathers and children, or a buccal cheek swab from the inner chin of the child and father.

Based On The Most Recent Happenings Paternity Test Has Done More Harm Than Good to Families

Firstly it was FCMB bank staff  Moyo Thomas and her boss Adam Nuru, reports have it that Mrs Moyo was married to Mr Thomas but worked in the First Monument City bank( FCMB).

In the course of her marriage, she had 2 children and one day travelled to the united state of America, on getting there placed a call across to her Husband Mr Thomas to let him know the kids who he has bonded with over the years were not his biological children. And according to stories, this led to Mr Thomas being depressed and later dying from a cardiac arrest.

Still on this paternity test scandal is Nedu, a host on Wazobia FM who recently responded to his wife calling him names and accusing him of not being responsible for his children, he responded by putting up a paternity test result showing he wasn't the father of his first child.

In Nedu wazobi's case, we even see the woman having the audacity of telling her husband who is now her Ex-Husband that he only assumed it was his child because she never told him the child was his.

I am outlining this to show you the disruption that this can cause in a once peaceful and happy family, first Mr Thomas dies and secondly, Nedu and his wife now leave separate lives at the detriment of the kids' welfare. Obviously, these two are not the only cases.


Should Paternity Be Considered in a Christian home?


Hmmm!! This is quite dicey, in a Christian home where Christian values are upheld by the couple, paternity test should not be something to consider, seeing that both parties are faithful to each other, this is why young men and women must lookout for a spouse who reverences God during courtship.

But unfortunately, even in homes where it looks like Christian values are upheld, infidelity still shows it ugly head, sometimes from the man and other times from the woman or maybe even both parties.

There is no direct yes or no answer to this question, it all just depends on the situation in the family. But where both parties trust each other's faithfulness, a paternity test may not be necessary.

Faithfulness from both marriage partners solidifies trust when one is not faithful to the other the trust in the marriage is shaken and with this, a lot can be in doubt including the true paternity of their children.

Unfaithfulness is not just about sex, but even in words and actions, to build your spouse's trust in you ensure that whatever you say or do is the truth.

In a situation where trust in a Christian home has been lost, you can't blame the husband or wife when they start suspecting each other for keeping extramarital affairs.

But come to think of it, a man can be a father to a child who he did not necessarily biological bring forth. Saying this does not negate the need for couples who are believers to stay sexually faithful to their partner whether male or female as no party is above staying faithful to the other.

Joseph the earthly father of Jesus Christ was not his biological father, He was conceived of the HolySpirit but you can't read about Jesus and not hear or see it written in the scriptures boldly as the Son of the carpenter.

I am not encouraging marital unfaithfulness in the body of Christ I am only helping your heart on the right thing to do if ever you are faced with such, Be the best father to that child and no matter where he goes his story would never be complete without mentioning your name, just like Joseph, whom we all still call the father of Jesus till date.

Paternity Test Must Be Done With Wisdom

A paternity test can either come out positive or negative.

Whatever the result turns out to be, the unchanging fact is the family may not be the same again. If ever the test results are positive, that is to say, the kids are the biological kids of the husband, how would the man deal with his wife having a notion that her husband doesn't trust her Fidelity as his wife.

More so it just puts the woman at an edge in her matrimonial home as she doesn't even know what to expect from a man who doesn't trust her. And if care is not taken you might end up losing your wife, she may be bodily present, but you might lose her Friendship.

And if the test turns out to be negative stating the supposed father is not the biological father, automatically peace is lost in the home, the next thing might be to annul or dissolve the marriage, I believe one of the reasons why God hates divorce is the effect it has on His Children whom He created in His image.

The effect is innumerable, first, the home is shattered, secondly, the kids may not enjoy 100% parental care from both parents, thirdly the kids begin to have a bad idea about marriage and how a home should be.

Final Thoughts!!!

In conclusion, if the paternity test should be done it must be done in wisdom and both parties have a clear reason and understanding of why they need to carry out the test and also be sure that whatever the result says they are both still responsible for the upbringing of their children.

After all, parents adopt Children and still give them the very best things in life, an example of an adopted child is you, yes! you, dear believer reading through this piece because God adopted us through Jesus Christ.

So what is stopping you from being a perfect father and husband, learn of God His ways and do not allow celebrities and media stories to inform your decision.


by Peace Micheal Published



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