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Free-falling into the deep ocean of love 

Plunging deeper, blinded to discerning the true essence 

The euphoria of yearning for forever and a day after 

This ocean of love flames and burns at the core 


Caution dances at the flaming tip 

Unheeded, it flickers and fades 

Like quicksand, fast sunken beneath 

Broken, battered and bruised 

Heart torn, wounded and shrivelled.


Journeying back to the one who loved us first 

The one who gave his life for strayed souls 

Sacrificed on the wood that forever changed the meaning of love 

A love that surpasses all understanding 

A love so pure, so true and unashamed 


Like a potter, he moulds 

Piece by piece he restores 

Mending the broken pieces of a wandered heart 

A heart that once bled sorrows like crimson 

Turns a bright pink from the master's healing touch 

by Cynthia Ejiofor Published



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