Parenting an Adopted Child

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Nothing is more beautiful than giving an abandoned child a second chance to experience the joy that comes with living; They need everything their biological parents couldn't offer; Love, support, quality education, affection, the list is endless—They need happiness. The negative stereotype meted on them by society needs to be corrected; It needs to be replaced with love and due acceptance. If we check closely, the reason we have a large number of children in foster care or motherless babies' homes is a result of negligence and unpreparedness on the side of the parents. 

Most times, these children are even born out of wedlock, hence the negative stereotype meted on them by society. It somehow feels like they're a consequence of youthful sin committed by their biological parents, and as such, they need to be treated as outcasts. But then it is wrong in every ramification. God is the creator of everyone and everything. He never for once showed signs of discrimination, so why should anyone? Every human deserves a chance to be happy and fulfilled regardless of their socio-cultural, religious, and financial inclinations. 

Having all this in mind, if you want to adopt a child, whether you already have kids or are still waiting on God to bless you with yours, you need to be prepared all the same. It's going to be weird at first due to the absence of motherly instincts and connection between you and the child; I mean you are not the biological parent but the foster parent; So it's always going to be different but time changes all things—Time births new emotions and feelings. 

An adopted child by law is to be treated as if he or she were your biological child and as such, you're responsible for the entire welfare package. If you already have kids, then you have to love all of them equally, there should be an absence of favouritism because if you begin to show signs of bias, it defeats the purpose of everything having an adopted child tends to achieve. 

If you don't have kids yet due to some medical reasons, and adopting a child is the only option, then visiting a counsellor or professional in a relevant field goes a long way to educate you and your spouse on how to prepare yourselves before adoption. You get enlightened on the intricate matters surrounding child adoption and also how to mentally and emotionally deal with the possible backlash from friends and even family. Because in all sincerity, people would make side comments or even question your decision, but all that matters is your happiness and that of the child.  Nothing else counts. 

Time fosters love and affection. As time progresses, you begin to feel very comfortable and emotionally connected with your adopted child. Moments would come when you begin to feel that you should have yours if you don't already, but brush negative thoughts aside with a sweet song of praise to God for He knows best.

What if this was His plan for you? What if the child you adopted is the light needed in your home? We don't know these things, only one thing is certain: God's plan and time are always the best. 

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