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If there is peace, will there be need for security,
If there is unity, will there be need for diversity,
If there is a conscience, will human bloods be wasted like that of animals,
The life of oneness been laid to rest,
An it spirit still wandering around
And just can't find rest.
How do we go about it 
When the solution is dead,
Well, the legacy of oneness birthed
Kids which are rare and few,
They should be the solution having familiar faces with oneness.

Enough with the Judas kiss,
When it is all betrayal,
Enough with the Philistine love,
When its all fake love,
Enough with the Jacob's meal 
If all you are interested is my birth right.
What battle does being divided,
Win for us,
Does hate make room for more opportunity for us
Since we feel nobody deserve to be love
Nor support.
Have our selfishness increase our ranking individually,
I care about your hurt till it back.
The best surgeon still need another surgeon when it comes to operating him.
So is the key to life,
Togetherness with love,

by Vikgrace Published



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