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Most times, our definition of monsters are green-skinned, 
Scary-looking inter-planetary creatures, but we fail to see...
Such that sometimes, monsters are clean-shaven men with six-piece suits, 
Who deny the poor their rights and privileges to satisfy their greed.

Sometimes, monsters have neat haircuts and wear fancy dresses, 
Yet sit in offices to manipulate a fellow man's downfall.
We forget that sometimes,
Monsters are dressed in tuxedoes and glistening shoe pairs, 
Beaming with soul-piercing smiles, 
Yet beat up their spouses at the slightest provocation.

Sometimes too, they are beautiful, 
With inch-deep dimples to amplify their smiles, 
Yet when inside, make life a living hell for many a man.

Monsters could also look handsome, desirable, 
Yet in the dark, prey on innocent souls, 
Robbing them of their innocence.

We forget that sometimes, 
Monsters could come in designer gowns and high heels, 
Yet have a record of destroyed homes tallying indefinitely.

We forget these and stay on the lookout, 
For scary creatures and animals of non-earth origin, 
When the real monsters dwell in the hearts of men.

Until we can tame the monsters in and among us, 
We really tame no monsters at all.

©Ediomo Ebitu

by Ediomo Ebitu Published



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