Meet Mike Bamiloye, His Wife Gloria Bamiloye, and Their Children

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If you grew up in Christian homes between the late 80's-to date, you should be familiar with the names Gloria and Michael Bamiloye.

These two movie evangelists helped a lot of Christians learn more about Christianity through the movies they made and acted together.

Different storylines and great lessons that do not hurriedly leave the minds of mount zion movie lovers.

These two have shown us that we can still do it the God way and achieve a result, as decency was normalized in their movies, and people still found them very interesting.

So if you are yet to meet this great couple let me introduce them to you, and if you have can we travel memory lane together, there could still be a thing or another to know and learn about them.

Meet Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is an evangelist, film actor, producer, director, and the founder and president of the Mount Zion film productions.

Mike Bamiloye is a Nigerian who hails from the west, precisely Ijebu - Ijesa Osun state.

He was born on the 13th of April  1960 in Ilesha Osun state into the family of Pa Samuel Adejuyigbe Bamiloye and Mrs. Grace Ebun Bamiloye of Ijebu-Ijesha descent, in the same state.

He was taken care of and raised by his sister who took over catering for him after the death of their mother while he was just 4.

She did this until he became of age and was able to take care of himself.

He got trained as a teacher in the Divisional Teachers’ Training College at Ipetumodu, during his training he began his career in stage acting.

Meet Gloria Bamiloye

Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye is also a seasoned teacher of the word, an actor, author, and co-founder of the Mount Zion ministry.

She also hails from Illesa in Osun state, she had her training as a teacher in Divisional Teachers Training College at Ipetumodu.

While in the teachers training college she met her husband, and they co-founded the Mount Zion film ministry together.

How they started off


How Did The Relationship Between Gloria And Mike Bamiloye StartCourting?

On her 52nd birthday Evangelist, Mike reminisced on how he had met his wife as he celebrated with her.

He said, When he went to propose to her, he never minced words or beat about the bush or rehearsed any Love persuasive Poem. He did  not  say anything like, "...the Lord sent me" or " I felt the Lord is leading me..." Or " I dreamt and saw..." Or "I heard a voice from Heaven that..."

In the past, he said he had said some of those things before to some sisters whom he thought the Lord had led him to, and he was wrong.

This time around, he wanted to be himself so after he had prayed,
He went to her, not even sure if the Lord was leading him or not again...

So, on the said day he had arrived at the campus and the fellowship members were happy to see him, as he came at an Unusual time.

Usually, he'd come during evening time, for Drama rehearsals or drama outreaches, so that he could be with them or lead them to the programs.

This time,  it was different. He had come during the day, at lecture time and many of the brethren went to him to know why or what information he had brought for the Fellowship.

And as they asked him he simply said he had come to see "Sister Shola".

He stated that it was unusual of him to ask for a sister as he had no business with them, as with Fellowship heads and with Drama Unit Coordinator in particular or with the Fellowship President.

As a result, some brethren spread out to look for "Sister Shola". And one sister found her in the school Library and grabbed her hand and she told her  "Bro. Mike is around. He is looking for you."

Before that time he also said, he had no business with Sister Shola, as they were not close and the only thing they had done together was act on stage for presentations.
As  She was not among the sisters who were closer to him at Fellowship.

As she received the news she carried her books and together with the sister who came to fetch her and rushed down to see " Bro. Mike" who had come to the campus at an unusual time.

The sister who brought her left.


Sister Shola stood before me smiling, and waiting for the instructions, probably to the Drama Unit, or information of her being cast into a new Drama Unit presentation.


On the contrary, he greeted her. She replied with a smile and he told her bluntly, that the Holy Spirit had not sent him nor did he see any vision.

Then, he asked her: WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
She stood before him as though dumb as she was speechless for some minutes, looking at him in astonishment and confusion.

This was probably because she was never expecting to hear such a question from "Bro. Mike" of all people! She was short of words because it was the last thing she would expect to hear from him, he explained.

The movie minister said he got his answer after one month of waiting. According to him, it was on a Sunday morning, he had traveled to Ijesha and decided to worship in her church.

He was in the congregation and he watched her standing tall and slender above the rest of the choir members as they sang the special song for the morning, little did he know she saw him too.

I had been praying for the whole month that the Lord would confirm this one this time. I could not imagine how I would feel if the Lord said this one was not the will of God again, he added.

After the church service, he went to wait for her in front of her house. just to greet her and take a closer look at her again,  as he hoped that God would answer his prayers this time.

She met with him and asked him to come into her house quietly.

After a while of quietness, with no show of excitement, which got him all the more worried. As he sat down on a chair she was writing something on the table. 

Then, she finished writing, and she turned to him with a small piece of paper containing ONE SINGLE LINE OF SENTENCE:

Grave Silence came down in the room. At last, that was the first time in my life, a lady would agree to marry me, he said to himself. As all the ones he thought were the will of God for him had, unfortunately, been engaged before he got there. Oh! The Dilemma of a Single Searching Brother!

Right there he knelt in Prayers and she knelt in my front with her eyes closed. There, he said he told the Lord, as he held her hands in prayer, that, "Today, Lord, their Ministry has started, they shall serve God together with all their life and with all their heart." They prayed further for God's help and mercy upon them and that was the day and time, their ministry, Mount Zion began, Sunday 4th, August 1985, and 3 years later they got married.


Meet The Children Of Mike and Gloria Bamiloye

Together this couple has achieved a lot, for the expansion of  God's kingdom no doubt and God has blessed their marriage with children and grandchildren.

They had their first child Oluwadamilola Ireoluwa Mike Bamiloye on the 16th of September 1989.

Damilola is now Married to Dr . Emmanuella, who also is an actor aside from being a doctor and they are both parents to their daughter Gloria.
Damilola is currently a movie actor-producer and director just like his Dad.

Going further, they had their second child Joshua Mike bamiloye, who is a gospel music artist and producer with hit songs like;


  • A new man
    Most high God
    Forces against my soul
    It is well
    In the morning
    King of Glory

Joshua, also known as Jaymikee, is married to Titilope Bamiloye.

The third and last Child is Darasimi, born on the 14th of May 1997.

Dara is a spoken word artist, a drama minister, and a producer, she has featured in movies and songs with her brothers.

In 2020 she got married to Pastor Lawrence Oyor and together they just welcomed their first child.

Both Parents have indeed done a good job, in being models to their kids as each of them follows the footsteps of their parents, especially in using their skills in acting, music, writing, production, etc, for the expansion of God's kingdom.

I pray that even in their old age, we would still talk about them as people who are still serving the Lord like their parents.


What You Need to Know About The Mount Zion Movie Productions


Mount Zion ministry began that Sunday in 1984 when mama Gloria accepted the proposal of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye.

Since then there have been different expansions from acting and writing movies to train up and coming Christian movie actors, producers, writers, and directors at the mount zion institute Ile ife in Osun state.

A step forward in the path of successfully meeting the viewing needs of believers there is a mount zion movie app downloadable on the google play store.

The mount zion film production has produced tons of movies both in and outside Nigeria and they include

Broken pitcher, land of fury, Abattoir, Jailer, the gods are dead, one careless night, forgotten ones, blood on the altar, lost forever,   perilous times, etc.

No doubt the ministry had its challenges especially at the beginning when people didn't understand the relevance of gospel drama, hence there was little or no support, as they were used to the secular drama that promoted cultural norms and idol worship.

When it was time to get married to his wife her parents refused as he had no job at the time, after resigning from his job as a teacher.

Against all odds, they both got married and it became even tougher as they traveled from place to place for ministry and received little honorariums that would barely sustain them.
They kept moving and holding on to God's promises.

One of these times someone camera recorded their stage performance in kano to sell them without their consent, they did not make an issue out of this as God had instructed them not to. 

when the tapes were reproduced they sold them and it helped gain popularity.
This was the beginning of the results we see today.




by Peace Micheal Published



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