Love of Christ

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God protected me He shows me, true love, 

Giving me reasons not to worry, 

For he has taken away my sorrow,  

Christ died for my sins, 

That's my most memorable scene, 

Confirming his word( John 3:16), 

That Abah gave his only son to die for me,  did I deserve it? 


I remember the devil clothing me with pains, hurts, guilty, 

But the blood of Jesus took it away and nailed it on the cross, 

He cleansed me as white as snow, I became a newborn in Christ, 

Now I see freedom from sins and destructions when I see the Cross,

When I picture the grieve, I see Christ, 

When I see the blood, I see God's love,  


He brought me out of darkness, 

And repolished me for greatness, 

Every time I lie, cheat, fornicate, steal, 

I crucify him again and again 

But guess what, He forgives me, He cleanses me, 

Because he loves me unconditionally, 

His love never dried up, 

His Love keeps chasing me.

by anagoruju01 Published



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