Love at its peak.

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She had been in fetters from time immemorial. Her shackles were the exact type used during the slave trade from the history book i had read. Her smile had been interrupted and overshadowed like the sun forcing its way to shine when the clouds wants to gather rain. She once had dimples which disappeared with no trace, dragging a handful of laughter with which no mere ransom could ever redeem. Who could talk of her meal,the one served in disregard? Her delicacy had been a mixture of leftovers dish disbursed in bits or piecemeal and measured in scrambles depicting how Lazarus had eaten from the rich mans? table in the holy reads. 

All she ever wished was to regain her liberty. She had remembered how her friend always visited in the cool of the day to discuss the events in moments. She wouldn?t forget when she was put in charge of all wonders of nature, walking and smiling round her territory like a young man who just won an election. She trolls mostly as majestic as one could ever be while in the kingdom she was given before she ran into deceit, her life was taken away and was banished for the moment. 

Who would have thought all she needed was sacrifice? Who would have thought the solution was blood spillage? Who knew it had be a willing offer? Who knew someone would give out his only child out of love for her? Who knew she would one day have the freedom she daily dreams? Who would have imagined she would redeem her place? Alas! She got freed out of a deep and pure and intent love.

by Olanrewaju Oluwadamilola Published



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