Lessons To Learn From The Viral Movie ' Squid Game'

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After seeing so many memes on social media about the squid game, despite not having an active Netflix subscription, I went all out to get the movie.

Watching the first episode was all I needed to get glued to the series. It took me an entire day to finish all the episodes of season 1, you may call it binge TV watching, thankfully, it was a Saturday.

I could relate to the movie, and at some point, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the debtors, by asking myself if I can take such risks for money. After about 9 hours of watching, I have shared 7 key lessons I learned from the viral movie 'Squid game' in this article.

What Is Squid Game All About?

Season 1 of the Netflix series 'Squid Game' was released on the 17th of September.
It tells the story of poor people who are in debt and are desperate to get out of their situation.
They are invited to play a game with a children's theme, with very deadly repercussions upon failing. With a slim chance at winning, which is mostly based on luck.

As the name implies 'Squid' is used to explain immaturity and recklessness. A squid is an aquatic creature, able to change color and can be used as an artificial bait, they are fast swimmers and locate their prey by sight.

The show became Netflix's highest-ranking show in 90 countries within 10 days of its release.
The script was written in 2009, but producers did not pick it up because it seemed unrealistic and distressing.

Before its release, the movie had no online marketing campaign, it went viral through referrals and the content spread on social media via memes.

Innocent games such as tug of war, and green light red light, take a whole different meaning. The thrilling and toe-curling portrayals are quite entertaining but also contain messages that viewers can learn from.
Here are 7 lessons to learn from the Squid game
1. Perfect Timing
It would be unfair to attribute the success of the squid game to luck; it brought about a fresh concept that brought them a multitude of viewers with free publicity.
People were tired of the regular concepts in TV shows and wanted something new and 'Squid game' did just that.

The popularity and acceptance of the TV series reflect a good portrayal of real-life anxieties.
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people bankrupt and they can relate to the dilemma of the characters.

It took over 10 years since the script was written for a producer to agree to make it.
The delay that seemed like a denial has now become a blessing in disguise. Seeing that 2021 looks like the perfect time for such a movie.
2. Being In Debt Makes You Vulnerable 
One thing was common among all the players and that was 'huge debt'. Knowing this, the organizers of the game knew how difficult it would be for them to reject money that could settle their debt and give them a comfortable life.

These players kept borrowing money that they could not pay back, until the point where their lives became at risk.

Being in the game and losing (which implies death) was not different from being outside and running every day from creditors who did not mind killing them.

Considering how much they owed, it looked better to put their lives at risk trying to get rich, than live freely in poverty and misery.

The game's organizers knew this and used it as an advantage over the players. From this, I learned that being in debt, especially debt that looks unplayable is a trap that must be avoided.

3. It Is Important To Work Hard and Become Financially Stable 
The director of the series; Hwang Dong-hyuk, calls it a story about losers, trying to survive through life every day, while others forge ahead. In a bid to succeed, one must carefully make decisions, as we do not always have the luxury to change them. The show makes obvious the very importance of saving and insurance. We need to secure our future financially.

We should strive to be independent through hard work and honest means. Gi-hun, the major cast, was in serious debt but did not have a job. Rather, he preferred fast means of making money like gambling, and that only made matters worse for him.

Although gambling has made people rich, it is not a viable option, you cannot put your money into gambling and go to sleep peacefully knowing that your money is secure.
4. You Will Always Need People 
Sae-byeok and Ji-yoeng portrayed the importance of interdependence for survival, trust is an essential ingredient for every relationship that is worthwhile.

We should strive to cross streams for people who won't cross a puddle for us, that makes us different from them, as, with Gi-hun and Sang-woo, the reward for kindness could as well be harvested in the future.

The series also thought me never to trust anybody so much. In as much as interdependence is important, expect anything from anybody.
5. Never Get So Desperate To The Point That You Can Become a Victim 
If you want money, make plans, and work toward it. Greed and desperation are often the lead causes of loss and dilemma.

The show has also exposed the reality of debt and anxiety in real life. When people chase money in desperation, they easily get played, becoming victims like Seong Gi-hun among many others

This is because a person who is not desperate with having what he or she cannot have, will not jump into every opportunity without first critically thinking about it, or at least telling a few family members or friends.
6. Squid Game Portrays Discrimination
Human life is valuable, regardless of status or aspirations. 'Squid Game' portrays the realities of discrimination without filters, female players were seen as weak, and were not wanted in teams.
The game never getting exposed can be attributed to class difference, their testimony was not valid because they appeared wretched.
The wide gap between the rich and the poor is seen as the rich V.I.P viewers entertain themselves by placing bets on the lives of the poor on whom they place no value.
7. Man Is Self Centered
The show unveils the bitter truth about human nature, which is self-centered.
Man naturally looks for ways to solve problems when faced with challenges, and when his freedom has been altered, survival instinct kicks in, and he finds the possible way out, from betrayal to murder.

Sadly, desperate situations of life can turn normal people into 'beasts'. Upon hearing that the money increases with the death of players, they resort to harming each other, even outside the game.


To live peaceably without being plagued by unnecessary and avoidable burdens, we must carefully make decisions, as the consequences can be unforgiving.

Lack and want, with no opportunities to get out of the situation, gives birth to crime. So, as much as it is within your power, do not put yourself in a position where you will be in desperation.

Know yourself, your weaknesses, your abilities and avoid or conquer accordingly. We should make decisions that our future self will be thankful for.

by Edidiong Patrick Published



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