Kingdom agents in politics

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Agents are people who carry out action or have the power to exert effect. So we can say Kingdom Agents are men and women who have Kingdom power to produce an effect. They are not babies but they are people who are saved and are daily beholding and becoming more like the King. And the power they have is given to them by God, the King.

Not everyone in politics can be referred to as a kingdom agent because politics is not child's play that can be sustained by just your mother's faith or Sunday morning worship. Kingdom agents are such that know the Lord intimately. They are well grounded in the Lord and are not children easily tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Even the Scripture says cursed is the land whose king is a child (Ecclesiastes 10:16) and that an heir is no different from a slave if he is still a child (Galatians 4:1). So, anyone who desires to be an agent for the kingdom in politics must give himself to growth in the Lord for power cannot be given to babes.

It is important to note here that Kingdom Agents are not just heads of state or heads of countries and provinces. Just like in the case of Daniel, Esther, and Joseph, they may be associates of the head or someone not exactly in the limelight.

They are people to whom God has given access (public or private) in politics so that His will is enforced in such territories.

The mindset that kingdom agents have is that they know that they are wherever they are for a mission and that influences every part of their life. They do not live self-centered lives but instead, they live so that their mission is established. Kingdom agents love their nation, states, and territories genuinely. They are not to think of themselves alone but the good of their territory.

A practical example is the story of Esther, the wife of king Xerxes. She initially wanted to exonerate herself from the damage that was to be done to the Jews but Mordecai had to call her attention back to the fact that God had placed her in her position for the salvation of the Jews. Maybe the words of Mordecai fueled love or boldness in her because, from that moment, she forgot herself and took up the cause of her nation with all of her.

Another thing is that kingdom agents pray for their territories like Daniel did. These agents ensure that the will and intention of the Lord come to pass in their territories and that is done through prayer. They plead mercy for their lands and also pray for peace over them.

Kingdom Agents also receive God-breathed ideas/inspirations for their territories and blueprints of how they will come to fruition. The life of Joseph and Daniel has always been a challenge in this regard. They were both in foreign lands whose leaders knew nothing about their Lord, yet God showed through their lives what kingdom agents do. This proves that what the world needs is not so much talk but evident power. Daniel and Joseph were agents who showed God with profound evidence.

Joseph had the gift/talent/natural endowment that would be a channel of solution for many nations while Daniel prayed till he received the answer his territory needed. All the same, they both received from God ideas that affected their territories. As a kingdom agent, ask that the Lord gives you ideas, inspirations, blueprints, natural endowments, and giftings. And when He does, simply trust and obey.

Another cogent role kingdom agents play is that no matter the circumstances, they don't hide the truth. They know that God brought them where they are for a purpose as we have established earlier and they do not hide or dim the light to please the people. They know the truth, and with God's wisdom, they dispense the truth at every given opportunity.

An example here is the three Hebrew friends (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) who vehemently refused to bow to the golden idol because they had met the real God. They were kingdom agents in Babylon and they didn't dim their light because the land wasn't godly.

In summary, kingdom agents are men and women who know the Lord and are empowered by Him to bring His intentions and agenda wherever they find themselves. They love their territories, they pray for them, they give God-breathed ideas and solutions, and they don't hide the truth at any given time. While doing this, they dance to the tune of the Lord only.

by Grace Abiala Published



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