Jim Carter: The Christian President

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If you're big on history and world politics, you would be familiar with the story surrounding the 39th President of the United States of America: Jimmy Earl Carter, who is ninety-seven years old. He was a member of the Democratic Party, a former Senator of the State of Georgia (1963-1967), and the 76th Governor of the State of Georgia (1971-1975).

He was never the regular President during his single term in office, as he was a man of faith popularly known by everyone. A man who loved God with all that he had. But due to his office and constitutional obligations, he was always in awkward positions as most policies implemented were against his Chrisitan faith and belief. One of which was the law supporting abortion. Publicly, he made it known he wasn't in right standing with the policy. And he once said: If Jesus were to be on earth, would He be in support of abortion? 

Jimmy Carter was also a Man of prayer during his time in the White House, praying as often as 30 times a day. 

 “Even when I was reluctant to share my problems and my unanswered questions with any other human being, including Rosalynn, I was always able to share them with God,”  he wrote in his 2001 book: Living Faith.

After his time in office, he devoted himself to ministering and teaching in the Sunday school. And most of his teaching revolved around Forgiveness and Agape Love (self-sacrificial love). He believed those were prerequisites to becoming humans with excellent moral backings testament to the word of God in the scriptures. According to Carter, one should love unconditionally, that is, loving people who are not lovable and; loving without expecting to be loved back. 

What can leaders learn from his life, especially in the Christian context? 

Throughout Jimmy Carter's reign as President of the US, he was able to engineer a set of principles that guided his prayer life, and to support this in-depth, he was an Engineer by training (pun intended). 

I believe if World leaders want to experience God's love, blessing, and guidance over their nation, these three questions should never be far from their hearts, as recounted in Living Faith:

  1. Are the goals I am pursuing appropriate?
  2. Am I doing the right thing based on my moral code, my Christian faith, and the duties of my current position?
  3. Have I done my best based on the alternatives open to me?

As a leader, there are times when you'd find yourself struggling; caught between a rock and a hard place—What decisions do you make or take? How do you break free? God remains the ultimate provider, always waiting and ready to proffer solutions. Like Mr Carter, reach out to God and watch Him take control.

How can Christian leadership enhance Godly values in a nation?

The only way to ensure Godly values and ethos are enhanced and propagated in a nation is to screen policies by placing them side-by-side with scriptural principles governing leadership and living. However, this would ensure that before any bill is passed, it gets examined in the light of God’s word. 


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