Is writing a career or a side hustle?

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Writing today transcends what it used to be before. There are so many facets of writing and the technological age has even helped to make it more pronounced. There are so many people who make a living from writing in the comfort of their homes. There is writing as a hobby and then, there is professional writing. You can write professionally and also write as a hobby. Interestingly, writing involves you covering all the industries in the world. From arts, entertainment, robotics, finance to space ships. There is always something to write about. 

The question of whether it can be a full-time profession isn't necessary in the first place. Every profession has a form of writing to do. In fact, it is through writing that you are tested whether you are fully capable of taking your profession heads-on. 

However, we are looking at writing whether it can be a career or a side hustle. I'm saying it can be both. Writing is limitless. You have not written your story, which also means the world is waiting for your story. No matter how many people have written about pain, grief and other stuff, the fact that you haven't written about them suggests that your space is still a vacuum. The onus lies on you.

I think we need to come to a consensus that writing is a big deal and can be a full-time profession. Heck, it is a full-time profession. In other words, you can make a career out of writing. 

Today, there are so many opportunities to take your writing career to the next level. Some think writing is just about putting two or more words together and obeying all the grammatical rules. But it is more than that. The diversity that comes with writing is huge. While there is technical writing, there is also copywriting and so many others. These kinds of writing come with a plethora of styles. You do not want to be so formal when you are writing a copy for a product. It would come off. There are styles needed to be embedded in the different kinds of writing. These styles come from a place of knowing what your audience are. The most important criterion in writing is knowing what type of audience you are trying to reach. Once you conquer this, everything becomes simple. Now, do you know that there are professional courses that teach people to know what to write and how to write to a certain kind of demographic, or audience? That's right! This is because writing in itself is an art that needs to be learned. When something needs to be learned, that's a career there. 

On the question of whether writing can be a career or a side hustle, I think I already answered the former. Yes, writing can be a full-time career. On if it can be a side hustle, of course it can. If you have a 9-5 job, it is important that you keep your options of income open. If you are a skillful writer, there is nothing stopping you from engaging your skills for money. While you work yourself out during the weekdays, you can switch to your gigs during the weekends or when you have free days. As long as you do not allow one to be an obstacle to the other, then you are good to go.


by Timothy OJO. Published



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