Is the person you are dating still the most interesting person in your life at the moment?’

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Looking at this topic at first glance, a lot of people would say oh c'mon, the person you're in a relationship with should be the most interesting in your life. I agreed as well. But then, during this interview session, I discovered there was a faction of people who disagreed. Not to act surprised or anything. I mean, the world is a big ball of variety and diversity; Each one with what works best for them.

A lot of people were interviewed, and their response was documented. Below are some takes I felt were worth sharing;

John, Lagos state
Yes, She is the most interesting person in my life at the moment. I know we are both young but somehow I feel generally entertained by her day in and day out. I feel like I keep learning new facts about her every day as well. I just find something about her as a person so interesting. She's like a really good book that you can't put down!

Esther, Lagos State
Well, the person am dating or rather my partner is one of the most interesting people in my life
One of! Honestly as far as we aren't married he can't be the “most" for now...I hope you understand

Michael, Lagos State
I think if you are dating someone, they should be the most interesting person because if not, why are you dating them, and why are you trying to find someone more interesting?

Hampo, Port Harcourt City
Yes, she is, cos I love listening to her speak, love pulling her legs and pissing her off, I love listening to her complain about her day when it's shitty or her going on and on about the beauty of it, I love the attention she gives to me, much more so when she seeks mine... Need I go on?

Victoria, Lagos, Nigeria
I believe the person you date should be the most interesting. Why? Someone you date should be in a home where you feel verycomfortable about yourself, gist, play, etc. You should be able to share similar core values which soothe the blending between you two.

Meshach, Enugu state
Well I’m not dating but I have a few things to say. Love makes you go blind in all aspects of life. That’s why you see exes hate each other, not because it’s the absence of Love. It’s more because they’ve seen the rubbish they had to tolerate all this while all in the name of Love. So, no.

Elizabeth, FCT
To be with someone, love isn't all it takes. It gets boring and sour sometimes but if you find anything interesting or a person in this context, you'll find a way around those said boring days. To be in a relationship with someone, so many factors have to hold you both together. If you don't find your partner interesting, you'll spend time out of the relationship entertaining others you find interesting. That will affect the relationship.

And that's a wrap!

But another issue comes to mind.

Is love always enough?
For a relationship to stand the test of time, to wax strong amid the many storms that may shake the foundation upon which it was built, it needs to be fortified with intentionality and tolerance. And I say this with a flaming heart. It takes more than just loving to keep a relationship going; I know you love me, but can you deal with my shortcomings? Love is indeed the bedrock, but it can't do the job alone. Other virtues need to be present in abundance.

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