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During the Christmas and New year festive season, it is easy to get carried away by the celebration and fail to evaluate the year and plan for the new year. 

As couples, to make the next year better than the previous, it is good for both parties to create time to draft out a new year resolution together and to help you achieve that, i have put down some ideas for couples' new years' resolutions.

Just an individual has Resolutions, couples too should have theirs, whether just married or already enjoying marital bliss.


Plan to go on dates more often


When two people start a relationship, it is usually from one movie date or dinner date to evenings walking in the park and laughing at each other's jokes, 

And after a while especially after marriage, this beautiful act that helped you bond with your spouse is suddenly nowhere to be found.

In the coming year get intentional about having alone time with your spouse even if it is in the confines of your home. As much as you can, go on dates to reignite that feeling you had for each other at the start of your relationship.


Reduce phone Time when you are together


This is one thing that steals into family moments, every time you have the opportunity to spend time with your family, but you prefer to scroll through your social media feed, keep in mind that you are allowing your phone to rob a memorable family time from you.



You have to intentionally set limits to phone time in the house, both of you can agree on what time to both let your phones be, and pay attention to each other.



Pray and Study the word of God together


It's not enough to have your personal and individual prayer and Bible study time, as a couple, create time to pray and study the word of God together.

As a couple, you always need to hear from God to know the right decision to take for the benefit of your family, in as much as God can talk to you individually when you pray together, it's like iron sharpening iron and you create a more conducive environment for God to speak to either of you.

Get Intentional About Knowing Your Partner's Love Language and Speak it


Gary Chapman was kind enough to help us understand the five love languages people speak. To have a healthy romantic relationship with your spouse, you should know what their love language is and speak it to them. By doing so, they can at least feel this love we profess better. (It helps couples give and receive love)

He stated the following as the five love languages; Words of affirmation, Quality time, Acts of service, Gifts, Touch

If you can make time out to study this, study your spouse to know what works for them, and of course practice it, you will be able to show love to your spouse the way they want.


Be More Patient With Each Other


Patience is indeed a virtue and a lot of marriages/relationships that had all it takes to thrive didn't because one or both of them weren't a bit more patient with the other.

At times we expect too much from our partners (like in the movies or from social media couple goals)  that when either partner isn't able to meet up, all hell is let loose and you make your happy space full of toxicity and in such space, it's difficult to record any form of progress.

This new year, you and your spouse can resolve to be patient with each other, don't be in a hurry to get angry, take it easy on your spouse.


Set tasks you can do together 


As you plan your new year resolution together, you should also consider including tasks that you can do together.



There is something about setting goals and working towards achieving them with your spouse. It shows how formidable a force both of you are, especially when success is recorded.



Working together will help both of you create a stronger bond with each other. It would fuel more projects that both of you would be willing to do together thereby building more love and confidence in your combined abilities.

Make time out to visit With or call Parents Together


By calling those who have gone ahead of you or visiting them together, you can learn a thing or more that would help your relationship get stronger because they are experienced and more knowledgeable in this course, and I am sure you won't mind knowing some old or wise secrets.

Secrets of how to build a happy home, raise good and Godly children, proper time management, and how to honor and love each other better. These are just to mention but a few things you could get from calling or visiting your folks together.

And on the other hand, your parents would be sure to receive presents from your visit which they would cherish and bless you for every day, and if you can only call because of distance, but sure to send something across, their prayers get answered you know?

In conclusion, resolutions are made by everyone when the new year begins but the only ones who would say "wow I recorded success in this area and that area of my relationship" are those who are intentional about keeping and following through with their resolve. 






by Peace Micheal Published



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