I Know The Colour of Love

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Of course, I know the colour

I'm certain love gives a pallor 

Something like the cheeks of a Culler 

With a sweet tinge and allure. 

Shouldn't it be white? 


Veronica's scarf was just as bright 

When she wiped the face of Christ 

Just as he fell right by her side. 

Maybe it is Colourless. 

Like the water from his side at best 

Pierced and bruised under his chest 

Yet, his chords remained soundless. 


Nay! It is brown and it runs 

The shade of the crown of thorns 

Placed on his head like some bonds 

When they said he flouted the laws. 


Eureka! I now know it is red 

Blood on the skull from which he bled 

Blood from his side that he shed 

Just to clear my sin of scarlet.

by Beatrice Wende Published



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