I hold a flower once in a while

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My mother loves me

I love her too  

Sometimes she sits me down outside the garden of flowers 

When the winds hold a mirror to see her reflection 


She holds her bible, flips and hiccups 

She calls me by my baptism name Camillus and recites poetry 

She writes a love poem and warns me not to show any new lover

She calls me her backbone, says she would never let me go 


Like me, my mother loves Simi's music so dearly 

Now, her phone plays Complete Me 

Says she's a sun without its light without me 

Says her heart is a crumpled leaf without my beat 

Says she wants to go home 

Says I should follow her and sparkle her walking darkness 

Says once upon a time, flowers are the best things to begin a love letter. 

by Shitta Faruq Adémólá Published



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