How to Promote Your Music with Facebook

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So you got yourself a new music video or album? Congratulations! You are now on your way to global fame, right? Unfortunately, not so much. But it's okay, because with social media platforms like Facebook at your fingertips, you can promote your music for marketing purposes and even go "viral."


How to use the Facebook Pages algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is a set of guidelines for how the social media giant chooses which content appears first on your News Feed. In general, the top 4 sections on your feed are going to be what you were directly subscribed, people and pages on Facebook that have interacted with you recently, pages you have subscribed to but not liked yet and new statuses from people on your list of friends, including friends on Facebook that you don't know offline. You can take advantage of this by getting people from several different sources to interact with you by liking posts and commenting.


An understanding of Facebook Insights

One of the most effective things to do with Facebook Insights is to track what your customers are using to share your content. This will give you an idea on what type of content to post. You can then focus on optimizing your business page with the hopes that these customers will want to share their purchase through your business page.


Creating interesting and shareable content on your Facebook page

#1: Share blog posts and articles to keep your fanbase updated about what you're up to - Give them a close-up of into your life that is easy and pleasant to digest. Alongside these articles and blog posts, promote your music at different points. #2: Upload high-quality photos - Instagram is key, but it isn't the only thing you need to focus on. Post rich content like quotes or videos with visuals to make Instagram stand out.


Growing your fan base through promotions such as Tastemaker Wednesday’s

Facebook releases a new feature designed to help businesses grow their offline fan base on Facebook aptly named Tastemaker Wednesday. Business owners can create a post that will then be shared on a select group of people’s Timelines. The post will show up as being from the Tastemaker’s business account and it'll have more reach than your average post.


How to set up different content channels for music promotion

An important step in getting people to notice your music is setting up different content channels for marketing. Here are some great content ideas to get you started: post lyrics of one of your songs, get behind the scenes footage on your latest tour, stream a live performance online, share photos of the musicians in the band, start a music podcast where you interview bands, offer tickets giveaways in exchange for listening to your single.


An understanding of lead generation and it’s role in marketing Music

Music promotion can be a daunting task, but with a few tricks you can have your music being listened to globally. The first thing you need is a business plan. To begin with, understanding the role of lead generation in marketing is important. In this post we’ll discuss how Facebook ads can best be used as a promotional tool for musicians.


Settings within lead generation that encourage interaction

You can use lead generation to get other people to follow you and become a fan. The more followers and fans you have, the more opportunity you have to promote your music and sell CDs. Lead Gen is the best choice if you want other people to follow you, while "Listen Now" is better for someone who wants to consume your music right away.

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