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By Elizabeth Oladokun

We tend to think of Biblical characters as people who lived several centuries ago and have no essence in this century but it does not have to be so. There are many lessons to glimpse from characters of the Bible, especially those characters with strong values and principles. While Christians can read the Bible to learn about the characters of the Bible, there are several other ways to learn about these characters. In this article, we will be examining some famous characters of the Bible and imagining what it would be like if they ran for political offices, referencing the exemplary actions they took in the Bible. Here is a look at six famous Bible characters and the policies they might advocate for if they ran for office.


It is only right that one of the first characters is Jeremiah. Jeremiah is one of the great prophets in the Bible, bringing words from God to His people, especially prophecies of judgement resulting from the Israelites' actions and inactions. Aside from that Jeremiah was sent by God to make those proclamations to the Israelites, he was also deeply concerned about the corruption and perverse ways of the people. If Jeremiah advocated for policies, it would be against corruption and injustice in the society and he would fight for what is right.

He would ensure that the citizens also do the same when he gets into office. He is one willing to stand for the right thing even in the face of persecution.


Esther was a woman who had to stand out from several other women like her to be chosen as a queen. If Esther was to advocate for policies in an election campaign, it would most likely be policies fighting for women’s rights, and policies that break the glass ceiling which prevents women from having a say in society. There is also the part of Esther’s story where the Jews were almost destroyed, so she would likely advocate the policy of religious freedom. People should be allowed to worship without fear or terror.


What Daniel is most famous for in the Bible was praying when it was against the law to ask for something from someone other than the king. and being thrown into the lion’s den. This depicts that Daniel was a man of strong moral conduct and he refused to eat of the king’s ration because he believed that it had been offered to the gods. He and his friends preferred to eat vegetables. His integrity to God shows that he would make a great political figure who would fulfill his manifesto, and one of his manifestoes would be to ensure equality of humans.

Moreover he would ensure freedom of worship, choice, and speech.


In the book of Judges chapters 4 and 5, a popular and fearless judge is discovered. She gave the word of God to Barak and Barak told her blatantly that if she would go with him, he would go to war and if she would not, he would not go (Judges 4:8). This verse clearly depicts how confident Barak was in Deborah and this shows that a woman can be a good leader as much as a man. If Deborah was to run for office, she would establish policies regarding women and equal opportunities for both genders.


The boy who went from getting a coat of many colours from his father and being sold to a strange land by his brothers, to becoming a man who ruled Egypt alongside Pharaoh. Joseph is one of the major characters that cannot be ignored. A glimpse of what he is capable of doing as a ruler can already be seen in how he ruled Egypt. A man of fairness and forgiveness and one who’s also business-minded. It is quite easy to see Joseph creating economic policies that make his state recognized on the international stage. Joseph would be a political figure that would be referred to as “talk and do” and one that stands by his words.

Also, one capable of predicting the trade market, charts, and pulling nations to invest in his state. Joseph would be a leader capable of moving a nation from underdeveloped to developed. He is that sort of leader.


Ruth stuck to her mother-in-law when she should have sought other alternatives. Her love for Naomi made her continue her journey with the older woman. Naomi had no one and although Ruth was able to be with Naomi, several other older women in the same shoes who lost their family would probably not be as blessed as Naomi and would likely languish in loneliness through their old age. If Ruth was to run for office, it would be safe to say that Ruth would create policies that protect the elderly and aged. She would also establish policies that help and support immigrants considering how it was for her and Naomi when they returned to Naomi’s hometown.

What do you think of these characters and their policies and which character’s policy resonated with you? If you could vote for only one character of all of them, who would it be?

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