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Buddhist monks are known to lead the most austere life known to man. They spend their years away from the civilization that is deemed essential to the average person. They have a daily mundane routine consisting of meditation, prayer, eating and sleeping. Such a simple fixed daily routine has the potential of either making a man or breaking them. We have seen it elevate the monks to revered persons; even sort after for advice and guidance. We have also seen it turn prisoners in isolated cells to something more base than what they initially were. Even though these are extreme examples of mundane life, each of us has been or is currently caught up in a daily routine that can at times seem boring.


Many people thirst for more. More money, more power, more respect, more fun, more anointing, more followers, even more beauty. This thirst is aggravated by social media influencers who make it look like they are having a ball of a lifetime every single day. They post pictures of a new vacation in a different country each week. This may subconsciously pile pressure on the individual stuck at one place in life, doing the same thing, the same way, all day every day. It is possible to discover beauty in such a mundane life, and it is for such lives that this article is written.


Psychologists say that the brain updates its thinking processes every eight seconds. This means that every eight seconds, every individual is presented with the opportunity to renew their way of thinking and change their perspectives if need be. You have the chance to introduce a new thought in your mind every eight seconds. The introduced thought has the potential of shaping your entire outlook on life. It is impossible to see beauty in a simple life without changing one’s perspective. Instead of looking at yourself as one stuck in a stagnant phase of life, you can choose to see it as a season for rest and building the muscle for whatever it is that will come your way in the next season.


Fixation on a goal or objective can totally limit one’s ability to learn and enjoy the process. This focus will cast a lacklustre glance at the mundane tasks done in the process of getting to the destined goal. What often escapes our grasp is the fact that these processes are usually building up to the attainment of the goal, and the gratification at the end won’t be as great without going through them. The experience is synonymous with a mountain climber who’d rather not trek the upward slope heading up to the peak of the mountain. Consider two individuals. One flies to the peak of the mountain using a helicopter while the other trudges his way there. Obviously, the one who hiked all the way up will better enjoy the result of the labours that got him there.


Nothing in this world is at its peak state and performance. Even the most ingenious systems still have room for improvement. It’s possible to do mundane tasks in a better new way. What looks like a mundane life can equally be lived in a slightly better way, if we try. This is the secret that makes champions. They don’t settle at their last win and label everything mundane. Instead, they train better and prepare better. The result is that they end up breaking their world records, bettering that which was already good. To make it more practical, a housewife can learn new ways of preparing a simple meal as an attempt to escaping the traps of mundane life. She can learn to iron clothes better, coming up with new crease patterns. An employee spending the whole day stacking boxes can set targets for himself and be enthralled after meeting them. Such simple steps will help us find beauty where we had lost.


People are not the same every day. We are all growing or evolving. The person that you were yesterday is not the person you are today. Something, whether positive or negative, happened to you yesterday and slightly shaped the person that you are now. We only realize the change when we have not the person for a long time. We all of a sudden realize that they talk and think different. That change did not happen overnight but was through a series of small happenings here and there. Life can get simple and boring if we expect people to be the versions that we have made them be for the rest of our lives. A better approach would be to seek to know and understand each person around us a new every day. Life will start to be a little more beautiful once we find something new to learn in each person each new day. This can revive a dead marriage, a dull workplace and even a long-forgotten friendship.

Scheduling of tasks gives the brain something to look forward to. If you don’t know what you’ll be doing in the next hour, chances are that your brain won’t be anticipating anything. It is this lack of anticipation that can strip away the fun and beauty in life. Scheduling activities for the next day on the previous day will make this practical. It will help one to start a day with a sense of purpose and meaningfulness. Not knowing what to do at any particular time will reduce even the most beautiful things around us to a jaded haze.


Our body system works better when it’s promised a reward after accomplishing a given fit. However, most of us only reward ourselves on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. What if we found a way to look forward to each day the way we look forward to holidays, vacations and birthdays? This is possible by treating yourself to something you like at least once or twice a day. It could be something as simple as a good cup of coffee or a good night’s sleep. Appreciating oneself in these small ways will definitely restore beauty in mundane life.

by  Tolulope Olagunju Published



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