Canticle of Canticles

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Canticle of Canticles of Love

Yes! The One For God,

It's dazzlingly written with lyrics from the sun.

Like hymnal rays from the heaven to the hearts of Lovers...

That have found God in nature and nature in God

Where bridge of flowers leads us to a balcony of fragrance...


On looking the Windows of Heaven,

Where waves of angels coalesced before spiralling around the sun 

Then swirl gently into Love now that I am chasing after God,

Like a swain chase a dame,

Longing to have a deep kiss of the godhead,

To let my spirit be burnt by the burning sun of craving...

To hold the head of godliness and gaze deep into the illumination of the eyes of Grace...

by Samuel Leumas Published

Samuel Leumas

Bio: My name is Samuel Okolo known as Samuel Leumas BlueAdonis.



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