Can You Feel The Pain?!

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(This was a live spoken word ministration at All Souls Baptist Church but I feel that just the words in text are as powerful as it was spoken, enjoy!)

It was a bloody Friday
Bright red blood, flowing from his soft skin as the thorny whips pierced
his flesh and tore it away.

Can you feel the pain?!

It was an ugly Friday
A crown of thorns, placed on his head tearing and peeling all the skin that was left
Imagine 20 injections on the head

Can you feel the pain?!

He had a group of disciples
People he went with almost everywhere
Teaching, healing, praying with them
He turned their lives around
And when he said, "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me"
Judas asked, "Jesus, me?" (Laughs)
Can you feel the pain?!

A fisherman now a fisher of men
Jesus turned his life around
Yet when Jesus predicted Peter's denial
Peter said, "no Jesus, ain't gonna happen" (Laughs)

On the cross, he died for our shame
No wonder a day of death is called Good Friday
At 33 years, it should have been "What A Shock!"
But see us now, we sing "Jesus Paid It All"

So just like Judas
We can hang ourselves and die in our sins
Or better still be like Peter
Recognise God's forgiveness and live a life of purpose

Jesus screamed, "IT IS FINISHED!"
And on that day, the price was paid
The price of salvation.

"Remember the words and not the poet."
- SirJayse

by Jason S.K. Ahiable Published



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