Alarming Signs to Tell that You Are Drifting Away from Your First Love

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An unimaginable day arrives, a day that seemed unlikely to happen when you first embraced your faith. The zeal that once resided so strongly within your heart now feels as if it's fading away. Upon waking, you confront the realization that your faith is faltering. 

The fervor and intensity that accompanied your initial encounter with Christ have waned. Weeks have passed since you last opened the pages of your Bible. Prayer has become a rarity, and when you do utter words of supplication, they feel hollow, lacking in-depth and fire as some people call it. 

Doubts creep in, casting uncertainty upon whether God still hears your pleas. Your relationship with him has become altered, and a sense of disconnection is prevailing. Anxieties permeate every aspect of your being, overwhelming you in the realm of spirituality.

It seems that you are going through a period of spiritual struggle and disconnection. Such experiences are not uncommon and can happen to believers at various points in their faith journey.

Alarming Signs You Are Drifting Away. 

God is our first love. The Bible says we love Him because He first loved us. It is important to explore the underlying signs that indicate you are Drifting from God. 

  • You don't pray like you used to. 

When your enthusiasm for the Lord begins to wane, one noticeable indication is a decline in your prayer life. Prayer holds immense value for devoted Christians as it serves as a means of communing with God, expressing adoration, and offering gratitude. 

Therefore, if you find yourself lacking the desire to engage in conversation with Him, it is indeed a concerning sign.

  • You feel too lazy to read the Bible 

A similar sentiment applies to the act of studying God's Word. If you find yourself lacking enthusiasm to read and meditate on the Bible, it indicates a decline in your commitment. 

The Scriptures serve as nourishment for your spirit, and therefore, your spirit must engage with the word of God consistently.

  • You don't want to attend Church activities 

An additional indication of drifting away from your faith is a waning interest in engaging in church activities. Instead, you may find yourself drawn towards alternative pursuits such as visiting the mall, socializing with friends, or simply opting to stay at home and rest. 

If you currently find yourself in this situation, it serves as a significant warning sign that should be addressed immediately.

  • You do not feel guilty after sinning. 

Another concerning indication of your recent distance from God is the absence of guilt when you engage in sinful behavior. While Christians are not exempt from sin, those who have matured in their faith are typically driven to resist it. 

If you have been neglecting your resistance to sin and no longer experience remorse for your actions, it suggests that you have veered off the right path.

  • You make plans without consulting God. 

Christians who have devoted their lives to the Lord recognize the importance of seeking His will in all aspects of their lives. They understand that before making decisions, such as choosing a career path or entering into a relationship, it is crucial to seek guidance through prayer. 

By doing so, they aim to ensure that their choices align with God's purpose and bring glory to Him. However, if you have recently been making plans without seeking God's guidance through prayer, it serves as a significant sign that should not be overlooked.

  • You prioritize other things before God. 

A clear indication of drifting away from God is when He is no longer your primary focus. For example, you may find yourself consumed by the demands of your job, leaving little to no time for prayer and reading the Bible. 

Alternatively, if you are in a new romantic relationship and deeply infatuated, you may struggle to allocate an hour or two to attend church on Sundays because you prioritize spending time with your partner.

In both scenarios, it becomes apparent that other priorities have taken precedence over your relationship with God. These shifts in priorities can serve as warning signs that you are becoming distanced from Him.

  • You feel no conviction to share the gospel 

If you have embraced Jesus Christ as your Savior, you understand the significance of sharing the gospel with others. The grace and gift of salvation you have received from God inspire a deep conviction to spread this good news to those who need it. 

However, if you no longer feel compelled or urged to share the gospel with others, it suggests a diminished perception of its value in your life.

  • You conform to the worldly standard 

If you find yourself embracing worldly standards instead of godly principles, it indicates a departure from your connection with God. 

Conversely, when you genuinely love God, you will consciously avoid behaviors and attitudes that displease Him and instead strive to align your actions with His desires. While it may not always be easy, your sincere effort to live by His teachings is a testament to your devotion.

Biblical Characters That Drifted Away from God 

Here are some notable instances of some Biblical characters that drifted away from God. 

  • The Israelites in the Wilderness 

In the Old Testament, the Israelites witnessed numerous miracles and received direct guidance from God. 

However, when they allowed doubt, disobedience, and idolatry to creep into their hearts, they faced consequences such as wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and some generations missed out on the promised land (Numbers 14:26-35).

  • Samson 

Samson possessed great strength given by God. However, he allowed himself to be enticed by Delilah, a Philistine woman who betrayed him. He revealed the secret of his strength, which resulted in his capture, loss of his power, and ultimately his death (Judges 16).

  • King Saul 

Saul was the first king of Israel anointed by God. However, due to his disobedience and jealousy towards David, he lost favor with God. Saul's actions led to a fractured relationship with God, and eventually, he died in battle (1 Samuel 15-31).

  • King Solomon 

King Solomon was blessed with great wisdom and favor from God. However, as he grew older, he allowed his heart to be turned towards foreign gods due to his wives' and concubines' influence. This led to the division of the kingdom and a decline in his spiritual relationship with God (1 Kings 11:1-13).

  • Demas 

He was mentioned in the New Testament as a fellow worker and companion of the Apostle Paul (Philemon 1:24, Colossians 4:14). However, in 2 Timothy 4:10, it is revealed that Demas deserted Paul, having loved the present world more. 

This implies that he chose worldly desires over his commitment to God and the ministry.

  • Judas Iscariot

Judas was one of Jesus' disciples but betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver. His greed and betrayal led to Jesus' crucifixion. Realizing the magnitude of his sin, Judas ultimately succumbed to guilt and took his own life (Matthew 26:14-16, 27:3-5).

  • The Church in Ephesus 

In the book of Revelation, the church in Ephesus is commended for their hard work and perseverance but is also rebuked for losing their first love for Christ (Revelation 2:4). 

The consequence mentioned is the removal of their lampstand, symbolizing a loss of their witness and spiritual vitality.

Dangers of Drifting Away from God. 

Potential consequences of drifting away from God, include: 

1. Spiritual disconnect

2. Loss of joy and peace

3. Weakened moral compass or sense of spiritual direction

4. Struggles with temptation

5. Loss of spiritual growth

6. Feelings of guilt and conviction

7. Impact on other areas of life 

8. Increased vulnerability to negative influences

9. Lack of spiritual guidance and direction

10. Decreased sense of purpose and meaning in life

11. Loss of spiritual discernment and wisdom

12. Diminished sense of God's presence and power

13. Weakened prayer life and communication with God

14. Potential for adopting false beliefs and ideologies

15. Increased susceptibility to worldly distractions and temptations

16. Strained relationship with the Church and fellow believers

17. Missed opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation

18. Possible negative impact on mental and emotional well-being

19. Potential for becoming complacent or lukewarm in faith

20. Risk of perpetuating a cycle of sin and spiritual disconnection.

It's important to remember that the consequences of drifting away from God are not meant to bring condemnation, but rather a reminder of the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Him. 

Coming Back to God After Drifting

Drifting away from God happens so slightly that we hardly notice it until we are entirely off course, like a ship drifting on the ocean every little bit of drift pulls it further and further off course.  Or a person swimming and suddenly starts drowning. Restoring that first love and reconnecting with God is achievable. 

You drifted away because your focus shifted from God. You turned your attention to the world, yourself, your insecurities, failures, and shortcomings. Despite that, God's love is unwavering. 

Remember, you belong to Him and His love is everlasting. Trust in His love for you once more, free yourself from the guilt and shame because He sacrificed Himself for all of that, and seek reassurance in His Word. 

Through genuine repentance, seeking restoration, and recommitting to a vibrant connection with God, it is possible to experience renewal, growth, and the fullness of His presence again. Always recall that God's love and grace are always available. 

You can recover and realign your course back.

by Ilupeju Ayokunnumi Aygaius Published



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