9 Things A Young Man Should Know Before Getting Married

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Marriage is a lifelong journey between a matured Man and Woman. A Man is expected to head the family that marriage brings about, as such there are basic things he should know before getting married.

Although as you journey through marriage you would learn and unlearn a number of things there are things you should know prior to marriage, these things would make the marriage journey more enjoyable and easy for you and your intended spouse.
So! Dear young man, if you are ready to know some truths, relax and take this ride with me.

9 Important Things A Man Should Know Before Marriage

Before taking that aunty to the altar dear Christian Brother you should know;

1. Know God

You should know God,I mean have a relationship with God your Father, A perfect relationship with God would strengthen your relationship with any human especially your wife.

Because God guides you in the decisions to take, in order to have a sustainable and beautiful relationship.

More so, knowing God and having His fear in you would keep you from doing anything that might ruin your marriage relationship.

2. Learn to Forgive

Knowing the need to forgive is key to a successful marriage, so of all things to know please know how to forgive because there would be a thousand and one misunderstandings and being able to let go would be the key to you being sane.

There are days when issues may get you to the point when you want to quit the marriage .Take for instance your spouse does something you can't cope with, as bad as Adultery, although a Sin it's forgivable, if your marriage means a lot to you.

3. Know your spouse

How well you know your spouse is also a determinant factor to how well you both would live as one, yes!

You should know what she likes and does not like, your spouse' relationship with God, her lifestyle and patterns, all this would help you know how well you can complement her, and you can know this by asking questions and by observation.

This can only be possible when you spend time evaluating a woman before walking up to her for a relationship. As a believer who hopes to build a Godly home, you afford to be one of those who just see a beautiful lady on the street or at an event and immediately start professing love.

Marriage is supposed to be forever and getting married to someone you don't know can make life difficult for you when you realise you did not sign up for such attitudes.

4. Know how to be supportive

Women love chocolate, boxes flowers, and surprise parties but trust me a woman would really appreciate a man who can support her through decisions, support her with doing the laundry, sweeping (cleaning the house space) cooking  and even babysitting.

You may think all these are not the chores of the woman? Well brother, they might be but atimes help her reduce the burden to save her some stress.

5. Know how to spend quality time with her.

Time spent with someone whom you love would get you closer more, even while married make time out to have dinner dates with your wife, atimes come home a little earlier and spend some quality time.

Share failure and success stories together, reminisce on past experiences you both have, study God's, word together and just enjoy each other's company, before you got married you did all that it shouldn't end after the wedding.

6. Pray together.

As a man, you are not just the natural or biological head of the family, you are also the Spiritual head of your home, Apostle Paul likens  a husband to being to his family what Jesus is to the church. You are expected to take Spiritual authority over your home and while doing so, learn to carry your wife along.

Know how to pray together, it's necessary because in the place of prayer  together you both would achieve more, From drawing close to God, to winning spiritual battles together, remember; one chases a thousand and two ten thousand. Whatever things both of you would agree on in prayers, trust me it is done. Mind you, anything in the context of what a believer should ask for.

7. Know how to have Fun with your spouse

Most Christian homes become  so boring because there is nothing to spice up things in the house anymore, atimes it's not about the money just create something that would lit up the place, play games there are alot of games that you can play and enjoy each other's company, from poker, scramble, monopoly to charades , and riddles. Just do something fun,laugh together  and enjoy yourself.

Being a fun person does not start when you get married, try to be a happy and fun person even before getting married.

8. Know How to communicate

Atimes people really do not know how to communicate with another and when there are issues to be sorted out you can't because you do not know how and every other time you end up boxing up issues, if you do not sort this out trust me, you would explode soon and it might be fatal.

So to avoid this why not learn to communicate, have conversations and sort out issues amicably with the people around you. When you can build this attribute before marriage, it would no longer be something to worry about.

9. Learn How to Handle and Solve Misunderstandings

Truth is no marriage is devoid of misunderstanding but the beautiful thing is there is always a solution to Misunderstandings, but a man who doesn't not know the "How" may have serious issues being unable to resolve the issue.

This begins with a step and that step is to know how your spouse appreciate issues being handled, don't think you would just handle an issue with sex, no!!! Sex won't handle all issues, atimes you might need to talk, atimes you might need to buy gifts, you might need to pray about it , other times you might need to be quiet. So know what works per time and maximize your chance to maintain  a peaceful atmosphere in your home.


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