7 Things Every Christian Girl Should Know Before Getting Married

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Every Christian girl needs to be knowledgeable in some essential and key life and christian principles before she says 'I do' to her heartthrob. In the coming lines I would be sharing with you a few of these very essentials every Christian girl should know before getting marriage.

Marriage is a lifelong institution and  divorce should not be an option. If you get fed up my darling, go to bed and relax tomorrow you continue, because it is only on the premise of death that you can be separated and totally free from any marriage.

That being said, the following are guides I have put together to help you before you say I Do.

What Should A Christian Lady Know Before Getting Married?

I guess you already have an idea of what your dream wedding dress and event will be, you may have even gone as far as envisaging your wedding, that night and how loving you and your husband will be, but building a marriage that will last takes more than envisaging, it take building the right values.

There are basic things that you should know before venturing into marriage, so that when you get in you don't get surprised with the events that start unfolding, keep reading as I walk you through these things.

1. Know God for yourself

While speaking to a good number of young people about creating time to serve God, I have heard some of them say ''I feel Christianity Is easier in marriage'' reason being that when you get married you will become more disciplined and some things that  freak you as a youth will no longer, trust me, that's one of the things they will realise are wrong when they grow older.

While you are a single lady you should know God for yourself, be given to the work of the ministry and develop sincere passion for it, because when you get married, family life may be too demanding and if you are not someone who has already developed sincerely love for God, you may keep postponing the time to pray, study the Bible or join a church unit until you will realise that you haven't done any.

2. Build yourself to becoming everything virtuous


Most times you hear, I want to be the proverb 31  woman, or I am the proverb 31 woman. The woman described in proverb 31 didn't become all that when she got married.

I believe that level of perfection would have been a result of long years of practice that started before she got married. You know what they say about practice making perfect.

Being virtuous is not one of the gifts you get on your wedding day for you to use in marriage, it is an attribute that you inculcate into yourself while you are still single and in marriage you will watch it do wonders for you.

Mind you, this does not mean a married woman cannot start developing attributes that will make her worthy of being called virtuous. If you are married and you realise areas in your life that are lagging whenever you read Proverbs 31, it's not too late to make the decision to improve on yourself.


3. You should also know that you and your spouse have to agree


Can two walk together unless they agree? Agreement in all things especially in your Christian beliefs is essential.

If you are getting married to a person whom you disagree on almost everything, it's a sign that you'd disagree in marriage.

It's worse if your religious or Christian beliefs  are different. Because you may not get to understand each other's choices  in relation to your Christian views and beliefs.

Just like an Orthodox lady marrying a pentecostal man the mystery of the holy sacrament may be a joke to your man. And the lady might find it hard to understand why you have to pray in tongues and so fierce and loud. Because most orthodox, belief in silent words muttered, and praying in tongues is a revelation not fully grasped.

Agreeing  is key dear Christian girl, you may both have your opinions albeit when it is discussed both parties should be able to come to a consensus.


4. Be Ready To Give


Make up your mind to give.
Give love, give time, give understanding, give forgiveness, give your wealth, just  give everything you need to give. I can't overemphasize the need to give, love doesn't hold back anything.

Just like Jesus our model who gave up everything; the comfort of heaven, his royalty to become a peasant son of a carpenter just to restore us to the father.

Marriage is not a game or a business where you take and replace, even if it's not replaced do not stop giving. Marrying a man who also understands the need to give everything will do you a lot of service.


5. Marriage is not an end


Dear Christian girl, before you get married you have big plans, you dressed up to look young and beautiful, you respect all and sundry, you fear God, you work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Marriage should not put an end to the good person you are, it shouldn't put an end to your dreams, it shouldn't put an end to you taking care of yourself, it shouldn't put an end to your service to God and Man.

Instead marriage should make you a better person, in your spiritual pursuit, career goals, social relationship etc. Don't let marriage end what should have been a beautiful future, instead allow your marriage to be a better propelling means to being all you ought to be.

This is why you have to be intentional about who you want to spend forever with. Go for a man that sees vision in you and your dream, someone who will encourage you to become the lady you desire to become and not feel intimidated.

6. Marriage is sustained by more than just sex


We can't talk marriage without talking sex.

Sex is a beautiful part of marriage and we hear people say sex is a bond to the couple in marriage.

Well about that, it's Yes and No, because marriage is a bond and sex is not the only thing that create the bond.

Communication, Praying together, playing, Business plans, goals, achievements, etc also strengthens the bond.

Don't keep having sex when you are supposed to play, plan, pray and discuss. There is more to marriage than sexual pleasure and ecstasy.

7. Do not Lose yourself


Most women lose themselves in marriage, they gradually begin to live their husbands dreams and bury theirs.

Dear Christian girl, you were called to be a help meet, help him become what he should, and he was called to also be your help meet, to help you become all you should.

While you are helping kindly not lose yourself . Example if you get married to a preacher, you are to help him become a better preacher. Do not leave your business to become a preacher because you are married to a preacher. Except you also have a desire to become a preacher or leaving your business is OK for you.

Being an Engineer's wife doesn't make you an engineer. It's the same thing, support him in the best way but do not lose yourself and begin to live a life you are not called to do.





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