5 Ways to Know Of You Had A Successful Year as A Christian

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At the beginning of every year, I usually draft out what you may call a new year's resolution, where I write down everything that I would like to achieve in the next 12 months.


Immediately I am done with this, I get so zealous and motivated about the year and what it may have to offer.


But along the line, the zeal just dies down, but when I look back at my resolutions and the goals I need to achieve, I become zealous again.


At the end of every year, I believe that it is a great idea to look back at the year, to see if I have made improvements in different areas of my life.


As the year gradually tilts to an end we wonder, if we have done everything, have we been successful or not? 


Well, those milestones are good but I doubt how good they are in perfectly measuring your success 100%.


So if you do not mind, permit me to let you in on how I probe and evaluate myself for success.

Have You Grown?

When I ask have you grown, it is not the growth measured in weight or length rather growth in the following important areas of your life.


1. Spiritually

As Christians, it will be an error to talk about a successful year without mentioning spiritual growth and your contributions to the body of Christ.


Have you grown from a 'milk drinking' to '
a 'meat chewing' Christian?

How yielded to the Holy spirit are you, are you still insistent on your way and style as against His leading?


Have you been able to spend more time in God's presence, has your love for God increased, decreased, or been at the same level?


What new understanding of God do you have, and what have you done with it, have you won souls, have you been able to help others become better too?


Remember the excellence in your spiritual life reflects on every other area of your life.


2. Financially

This is important but not as important as the former.


To begin I would like to start by saying an increase in your income is not a financial success, but the success here is, what have you done with it.


If you earn 100 naira this year and you spent all of it on frivolity and saved nothing you haven't succeeded financially.


So to check your financial success, what did your hand receive, were you disciplined enough to do the right things you ought to do, or did you spend recklessly on hair, clothes, and other Accessories.


Do not get me wrong I love to see people look good, I also love to look good, but we should successfully learn to be disciplined with money, before you spend, save some no matter how little, and if you can, invest too.


3. Intellectually

What little things have you learned this year to be better or stand out from the crowd, what extra knowledge have you picked to better your career or personal growth?


It may not have come with a certificate or ended up making you wear a convocation gown, but you learned something new.

Either on your own or doing a few certificate courses.


As a believer as you grow spiritually, it is also good you stay informed, grow intellectually also.


This would help keep you afloat in whatever industry you find yourself in and would help you perform even more excellently at tasks.

4. Relationship

Yes! Growth in Your relationship with people is very important.


A lot of believers need to learn how to have good human relations, learn how to check up on people, be there when they need you, learn to be better team players.


Seeing that other people feel loved and that with your help, another person's dream comes through, should bring some level of satisfaction to you.


All these and more, because no man is an island we all need each other on this journey called life.


What speaks for you in your absence or when you are long gone is how you treated people when you had the time to.


5. Family

For those who are married, family here is in two phases, your extended family, which includes your parents and siblings, and your nuclear family which happens to be your husband/wife and children.


And for the unmarried, it is just your parents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives.


As the year draws to an end, one of the deep questions you should ask yourself is "how much love have I shown to all of my family members?"


How often did you call your parents and siblings or visit them? Did the bond between you all grow stronger or weaker? 


How well have you played your role as a child and siblings in your family?


For those who are married, you should evaluate the relationship with your spouse and children, how well did you bond with them?


What caused most of your arguments and how was it resolved?


No matter the people of timber and caliber you meet in your life's journey several times they never would outdo your family especially your parents.


Your answer to how much you have grown In these areas is a measure of how many successful strides you have taken.


Final Thoughts!!!


In conclusion, having a yearly goal is not a bad idea, but I advise that your goal should go around these few areas I have shared with you today.


You mustn't get to the peak of the mountain before you tell yourself you have been successful, every leap to the top is success and you deserve an accolade for it.


While you are doing all of this to be better, do not forget dear believer, that you should make time out to unwind too.


Get the necessary rest, exercise, pay attention to your physical and mental health as it is very necessary if you would still want to achieve your dream of having a successful year.


Remember every single step towards the mark is success, it should be applauded too, maybe not by the world but by you.

If you can sincerely answer this then you can measure you success level.


After evaluating the year, the next thing you want to do is improve in areas that need improvement in the next year.


by Peace Micheal Published



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