40 Romantic Christmas wishes  for your spouse

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With Christmas already knocking on our doors, it is also a time to make those around us happy, and feel loved.

And oftentimes we look outside and have the tendencies of forgetting our spouses.

In this article, I am reminding you not to forget to send something romantic to your spouse, and I would be giving you a list of not just messages, but romantic messages to light up your spouse's face, and heart. It goes a long way you know.

Apart from lighting up your spouse's heart and face, these ideas would go a long way to help you express the intent of your heart to your loved one, and who knows some romantic moments could sprout up from just a text.

So, let's get on with it.


Romantic Christmas Wishes for Him.

  1. 1. I received God's huge blessings the day you said Hi!


2. Because you are the Best Husband in the world, I am saying have the Best Christmas wishes.



3. You have lightened up my world, and because you have effortlessly done this, may this Christmas lighten up your World.



  • 4. This Christmas I wish and pray that God gives us FOREVER to be TOGETHER.


  • 5. OH! Could Christmas be this colorful? I know it is because I have you beside me.



  • 6. Dear Husband, thank you for a year of Friendship, and Support. I wish you an exciting Christmas Celebration.



7. The most beautiful part of Christmas is waking up to your kisses and a Happy Christmas whisper. Thank you for always making me feel special.



8. Holiday seasons come with a rush of love here and there, but you have made every day feel like Holiday to me.

Thank you!!!



9. I do not need a Christmas present, as I have gotten the best of presents with me.

Happy Christmas my huge Present, from God.

10. Would Christmas be the same without you?

No, I don't think so, thanks for letting me share this season with you in your space.



11. Our Family, Our Love, Our Life, exactly my desires from God, and I am glad I have them this Christmas.



12. Where would I rather be in a cold frosty winter Christmas, if not wrapped in your p

Merry Christmas Bonny.

13. Merry Christmas to you my darling, you 0️⃣ are my own whole Christmas package.



14. I believe in Jesus, I believe in His birth, death, and resurrection, and I believe in us, Merry Christmas Gumdrop.

15. Thank you darling for making Christmas and every other day colorful, with You.

I Love you My Rainbow, Happy Colorful Christmas.



16. Thanks for making it easy to love you, today I wanna love you differently, show me how to. Merry Christmas, Gem.

17. This Christmas, as I blow off the candles, I wish that we spend all our lives together, nurturing our love.

Merry Christmas.

18. To my best friend, support system, and amazing Dad, Merry Christmas, mwwwwaaaah!



19. Merry Christmas My Dearest Man, indeed God has shown me kindness for giving you to me.



20. An Amazing Man, beautiful and awesome kids, a great family, and  God to guide us, I have all my wishes, So I would wish my Husband a Memorable Christmas.


Romantic Christmas wishes for Her.


21. Christmas is a time of Love, and you have defined love perfectly, Merry Christmas My Love.



22. In this festive time, your love has excellently decorated my heart, just the way I'd want it to.

I wish you a well-decorated Christmas.



23. I wonder if Christmas would have been this amazing without Merry Christmas, My baby girl.

24. To my super amazing girl, I want to let you know that I am always gonna be here, like Santa, every Christmas.

Make a wish!

25. I want to take this time out to appreciate you for your unconditional love, for us all, you have been awesome all year long.

Merry Christmas Babe.

26. Permit me to give you all the Love, Happiness, Care, and Joy you deserve today, let's meet up. Merry Christmas Jewel.

27. Christmas wouldn't be complete if I do not say Thank you, for loving the Kids and me effortlessly.

28. The day you chose me, you made every day worth celebrating and today, I want to celebrate you. Merry Christmas superstar.



29. You are my biggest gift from God, and I Cherish you every time, especially this Christmas season, have a blast.



30. Cheers to every day we have spent with each other and Cheers to Forever with you. Merry Christmas Bestie.



31. Heaven made our paths cross, but the decision to go forever was made by our love. Merry Christmas My love.



32. From our first day together you added color to my life, and today my life is a rainbow of happiness. Cheers to a beautiful Christmas Queen.

33. I am blessed because I am the only man who can hold and kiss you today, and every other day, Merry Christmas Girl.

34. Merry Christmas Queen of my Heart, reign continually because your reign has brought Favor and Peace to my heart.

35. When I remember I would be spending this special night with you, my heart skips a beat, Merry Christmas Dearest.



36. Thanks for making my body and soul enjoy bliss the way you do, Merry Christmas my Angel.

37. Thanks for existing, your existence has made the world a better place for me, Merry Christmas, Darling.

  • 38. Thanks for radiating like the sun would on earth on me this cold winter Christmas. Merry Christmas Sunshine.
  • 39. Thanks for loving me so truly, I wish for you to enjoy much more love this Christmas and beyond, Merry Christmas, Beautiful.
  • 40. Like every other day, today I have fallen more deeply in love with you. Merry Christmas, Love.

Here you are, go ahead, serenade your lover, you should send as many as possible, to ensure they smile and blush all Christmas.

Whether you are distance apart or within very close range, let your spouse feel your presence, make them feel the love you have for them in your words, messages and wishes.

Cheers to a Romantic Christmas experience. Have so much fun, it has been a long year .!!!!


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