10 Questions Christians Should Ask On A Date

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Every date is an opportunity to know your partner better and to help you do that, I will be sharing with you 10 questions Christians should ask on a date

Going on dates is one of my best things in the world, especially with the one I love and see a future with.
Yes, we enjoy the park views and excellent cuisines, but I do not get carried away and forget the actual reason for the dates is to ask questions, answer questions and get to know my partner more.

You could say is it at every date we ask questions?

Well, ask as many questions as you can, as many times as you have to, do not leave any stone unturned.

So that when you say ‘I do’ you say it confidently to a person whom you can beat your chest, and affirm you know, and not to a stranger.


Question Christian Singles Should Ask On Dates

In this article, I will be sharing some critical questions you should ask on your next date, as a believer if you haven't.

1. Are You Born Again, And What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With Jesus?

To become a believer you must first confess with your mouth what you have believed in your heart, which is that 'Jesus is Lord'.

Some people who say they are Christians, are because their parents were.
They have never actually believed and confessed Jesus as Lord.

More so, some may have done that but it ended there, they didn't get to know more about God through the study of the word and prayers, hence they cannot boast of a relationship with God.

So to avoid being shocked in a marriage that your spouse isn't a believing Christian who hasn't established a relationship with God, ask them now!


2. What Are Your Spiritual Values And Beliefs?

Different strokes for different folks they say, in the same way, different values and beliefs for different folks.

Some Christians believe that there is no heaven or hell, that man will live forever, if your belief is different, you will agree that it is not enough for the person to say 'I am a Christian'

You also need to know and understand what their beliefs are to decipher if you are both compatible, so you don't waste your time in a relationship.


3. Who Are You Accountable To?

You do not need to settle down before you know who your partner regards, and holds in high esteem.

Find out of there is someone they regard and are accountable to. From their response can tell if they are submissive, accountable, or not.

Everyone needs that person they honor, and regard that can help them get in shape if ever they need to.

4. What Is Your Take On Sex Before Marriage?

Sex is a sensitive topic, people have different tolerance levels for it, but a perfect guide is the scripture that says we should flee! pre-marriage sex.

So you need to know if your partner aligns with this or not, this will inform your decision, whether to quit or continue.

1 Corinthians 6:18–19 

Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself.


5. What Are Your Hobbies, Passion And Future Plans?

Because you both are spiritual people, it doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun things you do, like swimming, cooking, hiking, etc.

And even more, because God is the only one who knows tomorrow doesn't mean we should leave carelessly without a plan of what we intend to do and achieve. Even the scripture acknowledges making plans


Prov 16:9

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

Find out what they love to do, and what plans they have so that you are sure you are not about settling with a boring, and visionless person.


6. Am I the Only One You Are Seeing?

This may sound absurd, but you shouldn't ignore anything.

For all you know, they might be sampling other options, and here you are saying they are all you got.

Please ask and be sure you both are in the same paragraph!!!

7. What Attracted You To Me?

You know, before love happens attraction happens, so! You need to always stay on top of your game, you need to always keep them coming back.

And this can't happen if you do not find out what brought them in the first place, so you can take it a notch higher. 

And of course, maintain the reason for attraction because it's your selling point you know.


8. What Do You Expect of Me In Marriage?

It's good to find out what they expect of you as a husband or a wife, that way you know if their expectations are what you can cope with or fit into.

You never can tell, you might just be dealing with an unrealistic person.

An example of this was a man who said his wife will meet all the family's needs, while he as the man should only be taken care of as the king and man of the house.

Some ladies might find this just okay, but for me, it's a No-No I do not like lazy men, yea! He is just being a lazy man, and I can't deal with that at all.


9. What Are Your Fears And Insecurities?

By knowing what his or her fears and insecurities are, you can tell where you need to offer help to them.

And who knows through you, someone could be set free from unnecessary baggage.


10. Is There Anything You Would Like Me To Know About You?

This question is ambiguous and it aims to find out every other thing you might not be remembering and your spouse would want you to know.

Again, this is not a one-time question, make it a habit, it's just like that last cursory look you give your room before leaving every morning to be sure you are not forgetting anything.


Final Thoughts!!!

Finally, there is an adage in Igbo that says, I will translate.
" A person who asks questions never gets lost."

Marriage is a journey and if you are currently dating someone, it's okay to say you are preparing for a journey, so! ask questions to avoid being shocked or surprised on the way.


by Peace Micheal Published



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